NVIDIA control panel not opening issue Fix

In Windows, NVIDIA control panel is basically a tool to manage graphics driver settings and NVIDIA utilities in your graphics card. Graphics card is very important for gaming, 3D animations and to render a video.  So, we need a control panel to manage the settings of the graphics card. It will help the user to change the display quality, size, orientation etc. Sometimes the control panel does not open or work because of using the wrong graphics driver. Every graphics adapter has a specific graphics driver so choosing the correct one will provide you the best optimization in games. In some cases, there could be some interference by antivirus software which are used in your system.

Lets see some ways to fix this issue  NVIDIA  NOT OPENING OR NOT WORKING  in Windows

Fix 1 : Restart the NVIDIA control Panel


Step 1: First open Task Manager  by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC  keys all together.

or Right click Task bar and choose Task Manager.


Task Man Min


Step 2: Scroll Down and select NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component and perform End Task.


End 1 Min (1)


Step 3: Select NVIDIA Network Service and terminate by clicking End Task.


End2 Min


Step 4: Kill NVIDIA GeForce Experience Service by selecting and performing End Task.


End3 Min



Step 5: Locate NVIDIA container and perform End Task.


End4 Min



Step 6:  Select NVIDIA Backend and terminate it using End Task.


End5 Min



Step 7: Once you complete the end task for all the NVIDIA components, now Locate the Windows Explorer.


Step 8:  Choose Windows Explorer and click Restart.


Nvidia Windowsrestart Min (1)


This is the simple solution and if the drivers are updated properly then NVIDIA should start working.

Fix 2 : Start the NVIDIA utilities

Step 1: Go to Start and then type Services. If you could not locate start then Windows, search box is generally located at the bottom left corner of your laptop . TYPE Services in the search box.


Services Min 1



Press Windows + R, type services.msc in Run dialog, and hit Enter key to open it.



Ser1 Min


Step 2: Double click Services app to Open .


Nvser Min


Step 3:  After the Services is open , Search for NVIDIA display container  and open by clicking it.


Servicessc1 Min


Step 4: Once the NVIDIA display container is opened ,  go to  Startup type  . Select  automatic from the drag down and  perform Stop 


Nvidia Stop Min Min


Step 5: Restart the NVIDIA display container by click Start button.


Nvidia Start Min 1 E1654372267913 Min (1)


Step 6: Once you have started the service, click Apply and then OK


Nvidia Ok Min 1 E1654372584391 Min


or If the startup type is automatic, then just select restart from the context menu in the left side.


Restart Min


Step 7: Once you click the restart the service, the process will restart and screen looks as below.


Automa1 Min


Step 8:  Repeat the above steps to restart the NVIDIA GeForce Experience and NVIDIA Network Services. 


Step 9: Make sure that all the NVIDIA services are restarted again.

Fix 3 : Update the NVIDIA driver

NVIDIA driver has to be updated so that recent errors are sorted and performance efficiency can be improved.

Step 1: Click the Start button and search for Device Manager . or  you can press  Windows Key + X altogether as shortcut and click on Device Manager from the menu.  

Step 2: Open  Device Manager

Step 3: In the Device Manager , Search and Click Display adapters


Dev Man Min



Step 4: Choose NVIDIA GEForce  and Update driver


Nvidi Update E1654373358608 Min


Step 5: Click update search from online automatically


Nvidia Online Min Min


If you still could not find the update properly through automatic search , go to Official Drivers | NVIDIA , select the appropriate  Product Series , Product and select operating system and search and download

Restart the computer

This works!!