Internet Density of world On a Map By Mozilla

There are Currently 3 Billion internet users in the world and that is nearly 40% of the world population. Now, of these 3 billion population in the world, approx 15% uses Firefox browser according to wikimedia statistics.


Now, that means out of 7 billion people on earth, approx 0.5 billion people uses mozilla.

Breaking further, 7 out of 100 people on earth use Firefox.

Now, that is a big sample space for fetching any data. I mean that is much bigger than sample space of the exit polls used by media companies.

Now, Mozilla have used this data and have put this on a map. A map visualizing the user fetching data by mozilla.

And, this looks really beautiful. This also tells you the internet penetration story around the world. Africa sits in the dark to see full moon lit USA in this map. This also tells the unequal distribution of internet in the world.