15 Free things Online You should take advantage of



Now for getting well read does not burn holes in your pockets. Thanks to internet we have plenty of resources to download and read Books for free. Another big advantage is that you will never face those situations when you repent buying a book after studying few pages.  You can browse millions of books and engulf yourself into an ocean of knowledge and experience.


Free Stuff on Craiglist which others want to off Load

Everyone Knows Craiglist, But very few people knows this fact that there are ads on craiglist by people who actually want to get rid of their old stuff for free. This stuff may be useful for you. Just, select free stuff after for sale while searching for sale items on Craiglist. You can also have a look at FreeCycle.org, a website solely for this purpose.





You dropped a hundred and fifty grand on a fu$kin education you coulda got for a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library – GoodWill Hunting

Now, You do not have to spend that dollar 150 even. Internet is the best and biggest learning resource on this planet. You name any course existing on this planet and its all available for free here. You just have to select the resource which suits you best.


Making App

You have an idea but you don’t know how to code and you don’t want to spend huge amount of money to hire coders. MIT App inventor is one such thing, where you can build an app for yourself by just drag and drop like actions, with no programming knowledge required at all.




Now watch Full Length Documentaries at Documentary Heaven. Best Free resource if You are a Documentary Lover. You can also check archive for cool collection.



Ambient Sounds for you

Feeling alone or trouble sleeping, internet has ambient sound resources available to create ambient sounds for you. Visit coffitivity  ,  asoftmurmur and Rainy Sounds.


Copyright Free images

Although no one cares for using images over the internet, but if you want to use images for your work, it becomes very difficult to find images that don’t bite you with copyright infringement suites in future. Meet PixaBay, the official repository of copyright free images for free.




Free Sheet Music

Browse through huge free sheet music library online at imslp.org




Temporary email Addresses

Internet is cluttered with utilities, be it downloads or be it free help or be it anything. But, most of the time you just want to sign up for a website and you come in a dilemma whether to give your primary email address or not. No, one will advice you to give your primary email address. Creating email address just for signing up is another big pain in the A$$. But a new kind of service exists over the internet to tackle this problem. They give you a temporary email address which self destructs after 10 minutes or so.


Talk to a Therapist for Free

Here is 7CupsofTea for those who don’t want to spend money for it and the best thing is that you can be completely anonymous while doing this.


Free Boxes

Relocating Somewhere or Moving, Get free Boxes at @ USPS


Free Login credentials

Now, you don’t need to bear pain in creating accounts to check a website. They are freely available at login2.me . A community powered shared login info provider BugMeNot is also compiling a login list of each and every site in the world.


Fonts for free @ LostType or dafont



Read Free Magazines at Magastack. It has also its App versions to browse and read these at your Handset.



Even Donating is free on Internet

FreeRice let you Play English Vocabulary trivia and with every right answer, rice is donated to World Food Programme . A Great way to help poor people of the world.