Fix Microsoft Office Opening too Slow in Windows 10 / 11

Microsoft Office is perhaps the most used program in Windows 10 or Windows 11 , or for that matter in any Windows version. If you are a professional, MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint are something which you need regularly. These apps are most convenient to work on text documents, spreadsheets for data keeping, and for presentation purposes.

However, these apps can get sluggish at times, causing them to open very slow. This can be frustrating while you are working on a project, but there is a way by which you can open the Office documents faster. Let’s see how.


#1 – How to Fix Microsoft Word Open Very Slow Using File Options

Choose any application of MS office which is opening slow on your PC. In this case we have taken MS word for an example.

Step 1: Open MS Word > Click on the File tab on the upper left of the document.


Word File


Step 2: Click on the File tab > click on Options in the context menu.


Ms Word File Options


Step 3: In the Word Options window > click on the Advanced tab on the left side of the pane > on the right side of the pane, scroll down to the General category > uncheck the Update automatic links at open option > press OK.


Word Options Advanced General Uncheck Update Automatic Links At Open Ok


*Note – Pressing OK will save the changes and take you back to the open Word doc. Now, click on File and then Options again to reach the Word Options window.


Step 4:  On the left side of the pane, click on Trust Center > on the right side of the pane, click on the Trust Center Settings button. Press OK to save the changes and exit.


Word Options Trust Center Trust Center Settings


Step 5: In the Trust Center window > on the left side panel click on Protected View > on the right-hand side panel uncheck all the options under the Protected View category. Press OK to save and exit.


Trust Center Protected View Uncheck All Options


Step 6: Again click on File > Option > on the left side of the window click on Macro Settings > on the right-hand side of the panel click the radio button next to the option – Disable all macros without notification. Now press the OK button to save the changes and exit.


Trust Center Macro Settings Disable All Macros Without Notification


You are done. Now, you can try opening MS Word and it will open immediately.


#2 – How to Fix Microsoft Excel Open Very Slow Using File Options


Step 1: Repeat the same process with MS Excel from Step 1 to Step 2.


Step 2: On the left side of the panel, click on Advanced > on the right-hand side of the panel > General category > uncheck Ask to update automatic links. Press OK to save and exit.


Excel Options Advanced Uncheck Ask To Update Automatic Links


Step 3: Repeat the steps from Step 4 to Step 6 as in the case with MS Word.


You are done with the MS Excel configurations and it will open up immediately now.

#3 -Disable Office Sync in One drive settings

1. Right click on Onedrive icon on Taksbar and then click on settings.


Onedrive Settings


2. Click on Office Tab.

3. Uncheck Use office to Sync files option.

4. Click on OK.



Unsync Office Onedrive Min

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  1. Dear Madhuparna
    re: #1 – How to Fix Microsoft Word Open Very Slow Using File Options
    Thank you ever so much for helping fixing my Microsoft Words and Outlook.
    I spent hours following many on line ineffective suggestions trying fixing this annoyng issue before finally finding the best advice on your web page and I was able to resolve the issue in just a few minutes. Congratulations.
    You really know your topic.
    Thanks again and best regards

  2. Thank you so much!! your method worked so well. MS word was literally ages and sometimes not even opening in windows 11, now my document just opened in a matter of seconds.

  3. Wow, this article is gold! Word docs were opening very slowly on brand new computer with great specs. After following these suggestions, word docs open instantly!

  4. Hi Madhuparna,
    These tips worked for me and I’m so happy, having spent hours/days trying to get data into excel to analyse it and the CPU was chugging at such slow space. I was going to remove Defender as I thought that might be causing the slow down and was recommended to get my own VPN – Avast. I will join your site and perhaps pose the question there.
    Many thanks, you’re a Star

  5. This seemed to work initially when exiting Word and launching again, but after restarting the computer, both Word and Excel were back to square one with slow starting. The setting changes as above were still in effect. Stopping OneDrive from automatically starting with Windows 10 had no effect either. Back to the drawing board.

  6. great advice and it kind of worked with both Word and Excel. Problem is that Excel still just “sits” for about 10 seconds after I click the taskbar icon. (Word boots up more quickly though.)

  7. Thank you. I have been to so many sites and tried so many things with no success. I tried option #3 that you suggest and it worked fine.

  8. Great advice, finally MS word and excel open in decent time.
    Now can you help speed up browser openings?
    Thank you very much!!

  9. I have been struggling with Word opening slowly for over a year. I never timed it but it had to be 50 – 65+ seconds because sometimes I would have to walk away. I followed all of your instructions. Reopened Word and it opened in about 10 seconds. I would pay for that tip. Thank you. 10/20/2020

  10. Ms. Madhuparna,
    Thank you very much for helping to increase the speed of my MS Word & Excel.
    Everything is about 20 times faster.
    You are great in knowledge and generous in sharing.
    Take care….

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