There was a Problem Sending the Command to Program Error in MS Excel Fix

MS Excel is one of the most used apps by professionals across the world for accounting and data-keeping purposes. Although off-late, there are quite a few alternatives to it, MS Excel is still one of the most popular choices. However, every good thing comes with a downside, and so does Excel.

While using Excel you may come across different types of error messages and one such a pesky error message is – There was a Problem Sending the Command to Program is an error, every time you try to open Excel for the first time. But, when you press OK on the prompt, exit from the Excel and restart it again, it opens without any problem. It basically occurs every time you start your PC.

So, how do you fix this error? Let’s see.


How to Fix “There was a Problem Sending the Command to Program” Error in MS Excel


Step 1: Open MS Excel and as soon as you see the prompt displaying the error message – There was a Problem Sending the Command to Program is an error click on OK to exit from the prompt.


Step 2: Open a new Excel sheet. Now, click on the File tab on the upper left of the spreadsheet.


Ms Excel File


Step 3: In the context menu > click on Options.


Ms Excel File Options


Step 4: In the Excel Options window >  on the left side of the panel, click on the Advanced option > on the right-hand side of the panel, uncheck the Ignore other applications that Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) option. Press OK to save and exit.


Excel Options Advanced Uncheck Ignore Other Applications That Use Dynamic Data Exchange (dde)


Now, open the MS Excel again and it should open without the error.