7 Best Online Tools to Check If Your password has been leaked

With increased dependency on the internet, data breaches are very common these days. All of a sudden you may find out that someone else from another location has logged into one of your frequently used apps, or bank account may have been compromised. This happens when your log-in data has been stolen.

Hackers find new means every day to get access to your sensitive data by manipulating the website database. Hence, it’s extremely important to keep your data safe. There are online tools these days that can keep your data secure from hackers.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best online tools to check if your account has been compromised.

Password Checkup

This is an extension by Google Chrome that keeps your browser secure by analyzing passwords of any data hacks and vulnerability.


  • It sends you an alert whenever you log in with compromised credentials and Google detects that it has been hacked. This is when you need to change the password to a stronger one.
  • It maintains your privacy by not disclosing any of your sensitive details like account information, an account password, or device info.
  • It reports those details when anyone had a look at your credentials anonymously, thus, making your credentials vulnerable to hacks.

Moreover, it reports the fact if the warning may lead to a password change and if also the domain requires any changes.

Price: Free.

Avast Hack Check

This security check website is known to find out if your account passwords have been stolen or have been used with any other malicious intetion. It allows you to identify if your credentials are among them.


  • It requires you to enter your Facebook or LinkedIn login credentials and it runs a check against their collection of compromised websites and against any stolen login credentials.
  • It informs of you any leaked passwords and sends a report to your email.
  • Sends automatic email notifications round the clock, whenever a password is stolen.

It offers a strong password generator feature that generates strong passwords or allows you to create them manually. It also helps you to enhance your skills to spot phishing scams.

Price: Free.

Firefox Monitor

This is a tool that alerts you if any of your online accounts have been hacked. It allows you to check if any of your data or log-in credentials were compromised, how you could improve the chances to keep your accounts protected and keep you informed of any details come up in case of a fresh attack.


  • Alerts you in case of any new data breaches.
  • Monitors several email addresses at a time for continuing data compromises.

Overall, it keeps your online privacy intact and helps you explore ideas to keep your data protected from getting hacked.

Price: Free

Have I Been Pawned?

This is an extremely popular online tool to check if your account has been hacked. Data getting stolen is a common concern these days, and this tool alerts you of any details related to data leaks.


  • It comes with a clean and easy to use interface.
  • Simply enter your email address in the search box and press the button next to it to start scanning.
  • If your email address has been found to be breached, changing the password is a smarter idea.

Moreover, it also allows you to get alerted on any data compromises beforehand and protects your privacy by keeping your email addresses unexposed during scanning.

Price: Free.

Sucuri Security Scanner

This security tool checks your websites for malware and external attacks. All you need to do is to enter the URL and the tool scans the website for any unwanted software prying on your data, virus attacks, obsolete programs, and more.


  • Repairs websites from hacks and removes malware.
  • Protects your websites from virus attacks and speeds them up.
  • It allows you to backup your website and the related files.
  • Scans your external website source codes to find out any harmful links.
  • It helps you to check if your domain is blocked by security establishments like Google, etc.

Finding out if your website is running an obsolete version of CMS or unsafe add-ons, and checking your domains for security breaches, are among its other major features.

Price: Free

Identity Leak Checker

This is a perfect online tool to stay safe from cyber-attacks. It allows you to check if your email address or any other personal data that may include your name, date of birth, phone number, or address has been compromised.

It compares the email addresses with a list of breached email ids that are already recorded in the system. As soon as it matches the database, it notifies you if the email belongs to one of those from the database.

Price: Free


This is yet another trusted online tool to check if your company website has been hacked. It comes with a simple interface featuring a search box where you can enter the search term, your personal email address or your company email address. Press the search button and it finds out if your data has been leaked to public records.

It neatly organizes the options like “search”, “breach list”, and “support” on the left side of the main page for quick access. You can also search by All Fields, Username, IP Address, Name, Address, and Phone Number.

Price: Free.


Before you start using any of the online tools to detect data breaches, make sure that you take the first step to a secure account by creating strong passwords. At the same time, it’s also smarter to opt for the two-step verification process on your smartphone to be able to access your accounts on the go. These data breach identification tools help you to get an insight into the data breach reports and find out if it includes your details too, thus keeping your vulnerable account safe from getting hacked.