Microsoft Edge is not updating in Windows 11/10 Fix

Microsoft keeps on introducing a new feature to Edge every once in a while. So, updating Microsoft Edge is the utmost priority for many Edge users. But recently some users have complained that Microsoft Edge is not updating to the latest build (irrespective of what type of update stream they are using), so they can’t enjoy the latest features on their systems. If you are in that situation, you may be on the hunt for some quick resolutions. Follow these steps to fix the issue.


1. Make sure that you are connected to the network and that it has a stable network speed.

2. Metered connections are not suitable for any update process, let alone Edge updates, which are automatic processes.


Fix 1 – Download the Edge browser

If you are trying to download Edge, but Edge isn’t updating, try these steps –

Step 1 – Open a new tab in Edge and paste this into the address bar. Then, hit Enter.


ms edge min


Step 2 – After opening the page, press the F12 key once.

Step 3 You will see a prompt asking your permission to open Edge Dev Tools. So, tap “Open DevTools“.


open dev tools min


Step 4 – Now, click the three-dot in the bottom console and tap “More tools>“.

Step 5 – Tap “Network conditions” to open it.


more tools min


Step 6 – Uncheck the “Use browser default” box beside “User agent“.

Step 7 – Then, use the drop-down to set it to “Microsoft Edge (Chromium)- Mac“.


ms edge chromium min


Step 8  –Now, just tap the refresh icon in the address bar to refresh the webpage.

Step 9 – You will see the option to download the Edge browser now. Tap the “Download for Windows” option.


refersh min


This way, you can run the Edge installer and fix the issue yourself.


Fix 2 – Kill all the Edge processes and restart it

Kill all the Edge processes and relaunch the browser.

Step 1 – If you have an instance of Edge opened on your system, close it.

Step 2 – Sometimes Edge continues to run in the backyard. So, call the power user menu using Win+X keys together. Tap “Task Manager” to open that up.


task manager min 1


Step 3 – Now, as the Task Manager opens up, head to the Processes tab.

Step 4 – There, you will see the “Microsoft Edge” process and tap “End task” to kill the entire process thread.


edge end task min


Step 5 – Relaunch Microsoft Edge.

Step 6 – Wait until the Home page loads up. Then, copy-paste this in the address bar and hit Enter.



edge settings help min


Microsoft Edge will automatically start the check for updates. It will automatically download the updates and install them. Wait for it to finish installing.

Step 7 – Edge will show you the prompt to restart the browser. So, tap “Restart” to do the same.


restart min min min


Exit Edge after this.


Fix 3 – Download the offline installer for Edge

Get the latest offline installer for Edge and use it to update to the latest version.

Step 1 – Get to the Edge business downloads page.

Step 2 – There, tap “Download” to download the Ege installer according to the CPU architecture your system is using.


download it min


Wait for the Edge installer to be downloaded.

Step 3 – Just run this setup file to install the latest Edge.


ms edge dc min


You won’t get any update error messages in Edge again.


Fix 4 – Start the Microsoft Edge Update services

Microsoft Edge Update services are mandatory for you to update Microsoft Edge properly.

Step 1 – You can find the Microsoft Edge Update service on the Services page. To open it, press the Win+R keys at once.

Step 2 – Then, write down “services.msc“. Finally, click “OK“.


services min


Step 3 – After reaching the Services page, find the “Microsoft Edge Update Service“.

Step 4 – There, double-tap that service so that you can get access to its Properties.


ms edge updataes min


Step 5 – Make sure to turn the ‘Setup type:’ to “Automatic” using the drop-down list.

Step 6 – Edge won’t update if the service is not running. So, tap “Start” to resume the service.


automatic min


Step 7 – To apply & save this change, tap “Apply” and “OK“.


apply ok min 1


Exit Services. Now, open Edge and try to update it again.


Fix 5 – Install all the pending WU

Sometimes crucial Edge updates are delivered along with Windows updates.

Step 1 – The easiest way to reach Windows Update is to write “Windows Update” in the box.

Step 2 – Then, click “Check for Updates” in the search result.


check for updates min


Windows will automatically download the necessary updates for your computer. After installing the updates and restarting the device, open Edge and test.


Fix 6 – Repair Edge

Reset the MS Edge to the default version and then try to update that.

Step 1 – Open a new window of MS Edge, if you haven’t already.

Step 2 – There on the extreme right-top corner, click the three-bar and tap “Settings“.


settings min 1


Step 3  On the main Edge Settings page, select “Reset settings“.

Step 4 – Afterwards, tap “Restore settings to their default values“.


restore edge min


Step 5 –Edge will reset the startup page, new tab page, and search engine settings. Just click “Reset” to give your confirmation.


reset edge min


After resetting the Edge, you can easily update it.


Fix 7 – Delete your Edge user data

Corrupted Edge user data can block the update request.

Step 1 – Use the Win key and the R keys at once.

Step 2 – Input this in the Run box blank box and hit Enter.

appdata/Local/Microsoft/Edge/User Data


go to edge user data min


Step 3 – Look for the “Default” folder.

Step 4 – Then, tap the “Delete” icon to delete that folder from your system.


default folder delete min


Exit File Explorer. Reboot the Edge browser. Finally, try to update MS Edge.


Fix 8 – Repair Edge

Repair MS Edge quickly and try to update it.

Step 1 – Just press the Win key+X keys together.

Step 2 – Then, click the “Installed apps” to open that.


installed apps min 2


Step 3 – When you get to the complete list of apps, search for “Edge“.

Step 4 – Wait to see “Microsoft Edge” in the search results. Then, tap the three-dot and tap “Modify“.


edge modify min


Step 5 – Edge will show up the option to repair it. So, tap “Repair“.


repair edge min


Exit Settings and open Edge directly after this. Just go forward and try to update it again.

Check if that helps.