How to manage mobile data usage in OnePlus phones [2023]

Mobile data has become as precious as gold in today’s digital age. With the rise of online services and the growing number of connected devices, people are using more mobile data than ever before. This is the ultimate guide on how to check mobile data usage in any Android and tips on how to save mobile data on your Android smartphone.

How to know the data usage on your Android phone

You can easily know the data usage on your Android phone.

Step 1 – Just slide down to open the notification settings.

Step 2 – Then, click the ⚙️ to open Settings.




Step 3 – Then, look for “Mobile network“. Open that up.




Step 4 – There, if you scroll down, you can click “Data usage“.




Step 5 – You will see the data usage of both the SIM you have on your phone. Along with that, you can view the network usage of the individual applications.




This way, you can track the usage of the mobile data.


How to save data on your Android Phone

There are several ways you can save up precious mobile data on your Android smartphone.

Tip 1 – Use the WiFi when you are at home or near any public WiFi hotspot (like railway stations, airports). This way, you can save much of the mobile data easily.

Tip 2 – Switch off the mobile data before you lock the screen. This way, no background apps cannot use the mobile data.

Tip 3 – Turn off the mobile data at night, before you sleep.

Tip 4 – Use the Data Saving mode – There is a data-saving mode in every Android smartphone. Follow these steps to enable it –

1. Open the Settings on your smartphone.

2. Now, open “Mobile Connections“.




3. Open the “Data usage” tab one more time.




4. Go down below to find the “Data saving” option. Open it.




5. Set this Data saving mode to “On“.

6. A warning message may appear. Assert to that.




That’s it! This way, you can turn ON the data-saving mode and this won’t allow any background apps from eating up network resources.


How to restrict data usage on Windows 11

You can restrict the data usage to a particular limit on a day basis or a monthly basis, depending upon the plan you have.

Step 1 – Pull down from the top to access the notification center.

Step 2 – Then, tap “Settings“.




Step 3 – Open the “Mobile Connections“.




Step 4 – Tap “Data usage” to access that.




Step 5 – You will see the option called “Data usage limit” to open that.




Step 6 Switch the “Daily data usage limit” to “On” mode.




Step 7 – Set the limit you want to impose.

Step 8 – Then, tap “OK“.




This way, you can take further control of the data usage on your system.