How to Fix iPhone Using So Much Mobile Data [Solved]

No matter what, anybody can get frustrated when they get an alert message on their iPhone screen while using any app, that says you have finished the mobile data quota for the day. Because we may not have a Wi-Fi signal everywhere we go so everybody knows the importance of mobile data.

Many iPhone users have noticed these days that even though they did not use mobile data so much but it gets finished very quickly long before the day ends. The possible reasons for causing this problem on your iPhone are listed below.

  • Applications might be consuming large mobile data.
  • Background app refresh may have been enabled.
  • The App Store might be downloading/updating the apps automatically via Mobile Data.
  • Many apps might be using iCloud backup.

In this article, we are gonna discuss more in detail the fixes that would easily help you with resolving this issue.

Fix 1 – Change the Data Mode option on the iPhone

Step 1: Launch the Settings page by clicking on the settings icon.

Step 2: Once it opens, go to the Mobile Data option from the list as shown.


mobile data 11zon 1


Step 3: Then click on Mobile Data Options.


mobile data options 11zon


Step 4: Now select the Data Mode option by tapping on it.


data mode 11zon


Step 5: Here, you have to tap on the Low Data Mode option from the list.


low data mode 11zon


NOTE – Doing so will restrict to use of certain apps that need sufficient data. This is only to limit the mobile data as a measure initially. Proceed with further fixes.

Fix 2 – Stop Automatic Downloads on the App Store

Step 1: Open the Settings page and select the App Store option.


app store 11zon


Step 2: Turn Off the App Downloads and App Updates options under the Automatic Downloads section by clicking on the toggle button as shown below.

Step 3: Also, you have to disable the Automatic Downloads option under the Mobile Data section.


automatic downloads disable 11zon


Fix 3 – Disable the Background App Refresh option

Step 1: Go to the Settings app and tap on the General settings.

Step 2: Then tap on the Background App Refresh option from the list as shown.


Background App Refresh 11zon 2


Step 3: Now select the Background App Refresh option.


Select Background App Refresh 11zon


Step 4: Make sure you have selected the Off option. If not, please click on it.


Background App Refresh Off 11zon


Fix 4 – Turn Off Large Apps from iCloud backup

Step 1: Open the Settings app and then tap on the Apple ID name at the top of the settings page as shown.

Step 2: Click on the iCloud option.


Icloud 11zon


Step 3: Tap on the Show All option to see all the Apps Using iCloud section.


show all 11zon 1


Step 4: Just go through the list of apps.

Step 5: Disable all the large applications which might be consuming huge mobile data by toggling off its switch as shown.


disable large apps iCloud backup 11zon


Fix 5 – Reset the Mobile Data Statistics

Step 1: Head toward the settings page and choose the Mobile Data option.


mobile data 11zon 1


Step 2: Then go to the bottom of the mobile data page and click on the Reset Statistics option.


Reset Statistics 11zon


Step 3: Click on Reset Statistics on the pop-up screen to continue.


reset statistics confirm 11zon


Fix 6 – Turn Off the iCloud Backup via mobile data

Step 1: Click on the settings icon.

Step 2: Select the Profile Name at the top.

Step 3: Click on the iCloud option from the Apple ID page.


Icloud 11zon


Step 4: Then you have to select the iCloud Backup option by tapping on it.


iCloud Backup 11zon


Step 5: But you need to disable the Back Up Over Mobile Data option by tapping on the toggle switch as shown in the below screenshot.


disable back up this iPhone 11zon