Keyboard Not Working During Login On Windows 11 Fix

The keyboard is the most essential part of any Windows device. If you can’t use your keyboard during log on, you can’t type in your account credentials. You have to take the help of your mouse to call the On-Screen keyboard on your monitor to log in. So, if you are witnessing this issue on your own system and desperately looking for a workaround, go through these easy fixes.


1. Sometimes this issue can be fixed with just a simple system restart. After restarting the system, test if the keyboard and mouse are working or not.

2. If you have a fingerprint scanner or Windows Hello enabled system, use that until you fix the issue.

3. Some keyboards can be blocked with a simple key shortcut such as Fn+F11. Try pressing these keys together to unlock your keyboard.


Fn F11 Keys Min


Fix 1 – Use the On-Screen keyboard

The best and quickest way to log in to your computer is to call the On-Screen Keyboard directly from the sign-in page.

1. Startup your system.

2. Once the sign-in page appears, click on the lock screen once to go to the user account page.

3. Here you will see your account image. Now, click on the ease of access icon and click on the “On-Screen keyboard“.


On Screen Keyboard Min


The On-Screen Keyboard will be opened on your screen.

4. Now, click on the password box and use the On-Screen Keyboard to enter your account password.

5. Finally, hit Enter to log in to your account.


Enter Pin Min


This is a workaround and it will help you sign in to your account. Test if this works.


Fix 2 – Unplug and plug in the devices

If you are using a wired mouse/keyboard, try to unplug those and replug them.

1. Shut down your system.

2. Then, remove the power cable from the electric source.

3. After this, one-by-one remove all the external USB devices (like the mouse, and keyboard wires) connected to your computer.

4. Once you have detached all the external peripherals, plug into the power source and switch the PC on.

5. If your system has an optical drive, access it to check whether any CD/DVD is left there.


Fix 3  – Perform a power discharge

You can perform a power discharge on your PC/Laptop.

1. At first, shut down your laptop/PC. Disconnect the power cable from it. Then, disconnect all the external peripherals from your system.

2. If you are doing this on a laptop, you have to detach the battery from your system. But before you do that, put the battery locks in the open position.

3. Then, you can easily detach the battery.

4. Now, press-hold the power button to start the system. The system will try to power up, but won’t be able to do that. During this process, it will discharge the system, and all the residue current left in the system will be gone.

5. If you are a laptop user, put the battery back in, and don’t forget to put the lock into the locked position.

6. Finally, connect the power cable to your machine and tap the power button to start it up.

7. While the machine is starting up, plug in the external devices one by one.

Once you land on the sign-in page, try to use the keyboard again and check.