iPhone battery dropping suddenly: Fix

Is the iPhone battery dropping suddenly? This problem seems to be affecting a handful of iPhone users. Constant drops in the battery level can be a serious problem and demands the user’s attention. There are certain checks that you can perform and maintain several preventive measures. So, without wasting a second, follow these steps.

We are going to calibrate the iPhone battery. Now, this thing is quite easy in the latest version of iPhone, like iPhone 11 or newer. But, calibrating the older iPhone (such as iPhone XR) is a time-consuming process. We have discussed both the processes.


Fix 1 – Calibrate the battery (for iPhone 11 or newer)

You can calibrate the iPhone’s battery directly from the iPhone Settings.

Step 1 – Go to the iPhone Settings.

Step 2 – Go to the “Battery” settings.


battery min


Step 3 – On the following tab, open the “Battery Health & Charging” option.


battery health and charging min


Step 4 – While you are in the Battery Health & Charging section, plug the iPhone to the charging socket.

On the newer version of iPhones, doing this will show up a pop-up about the ‘Calibrating battery’.

Step 5 – Confirm your choice, and you will see a calibrating tracker on the screen.

Let the iPhone recalibrate the battery. Once it is done, the iPhone’s battery won’t go down easily.

Hope this helps.


Fix 2 – Drain and charge the device (for iPhone XR or older)

For the older iPhone users, this method will be useful.

Step 1 – In this case, attaching the charger in the Battery page won’t help. Instead, you have to drain the iPhone’s battery manually.

Step 2 – Just, play some games or leave the camera open for 15-20 minutes and the iPhone’s battery should be drained. We know it’s a long process, but you have to do this.

Step 3 – When the battery dies, connect the iPhone to a charger.


Charge Iphone 11zon


Step 4 – This might restart the iPhone and start the charging process.

Step 5 – But, you have to manually switch off the phone. So, press any of the Volume buttons and the Power button at the same time.

Step 6 – Now, use your finger to ‘Slide to power off‘ to switch off the iPhone.


slide to power off min


Step 7 – After switching off the iPhone, let it charge completely, to 100%.

Step 8 – After this, restart the iPhone, normally.

Now you have to hard reset that.

Step 9 – To hard reset the iPhone, tap the Volume + button.

Step 10 – Next, press the Volume – button.

Step 11 – Finally, to complete the hard-reset process, press-hold the Lock/Unlock button.


force restart iphone min 1 e1717439557427


Keep on pressing the same button to force-reboot the iPhone.

There won’t be any drastic drop in the battery percentage on your iPhone.


Fix 3 – Time to change iPhone’s battery

If your iPhone’s battery is too old or have gone down to a certain battery limit, you should opt for a battery replacement.

Step 1 –  To check this, go to your iPhone Settings. Open the “Battery” settings.




Step 2 – Go to the “Battery Health & Charging” module.


battery health and charging min


Step 3 – Take a look at the “Maximum Capacity” of the battery.

If you see the percentage of the battery is below 75%, the battery health in not good.


max capacity min


Your iPhone may not be able to hold charge for longer period, and you can experience sudden drops in the iPhone’s battery.

So, visit an Apple authorized service center and replace the battery.

Hope these fixes have helped you solve the problem.