Delayed notifications in iPhone: Fix

Does your iPhone receiving notifications with a significant delay? Some notifications can be very time-sensitive, so getting the notifications even a few minutes later can break the deal. So, considering this scenario at hand, we have devised these sets of extremely helpful solutions. Follow these steps and your iPhone will resume to notify you at the right moment.


Fix 1 – Turn off Scheduled Summary

Your iPhone can be configured to deliver the summary of the notifications, denying you access to the app notifications instantaneously.

Step 1 – So, tap the small gear-shaped ⚙ icon to access the iPhone Settings.


settings min 1


Step 2 – Later, open the “Notifications” option.


notifications min 1


Step 3 – There shall be a feature called “Scheduled Summary“. Open it up.


scheduled summary min 1


Step 4 – Make sure the “Scheduled Summary” is set to “Off” mode.


schdld summary off min 1


Turning off the Scheduled Summary will restore the normal notification delivery system.

You will get the alerts promptly.


Fix 2 – Allow the specific app notification

Sometimes, you may have disabled the notification system of a particular app.

Step 1 – Go to the iPhone settings one more time.

Step 2 – Later, open the “Notifications” tab.


notifications min 1


Step 3 – In the Notification Style tab, find the problematic application and open it up.


problem ap min


Step 4 – Turn on the “Allow Notifications” style in there.


allow notifs mail app min 1


You will start to get those notifications in the app.

Check if this helps.


Fix 3 – Enable cellular data/Wi-Fi

Apps does need either the Wi-Fi or Cellular data to push the notifications.

Step 1 – So, just swipe down once from the top of the screen.

Step 2 – Enable both the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modes.


wifi cellular min 1


This way, even when you get out of the Wi-Fi zone, the cellular network will keep the services online.

See whether you are getting any notifications from the apps or not.


Fix 4 – Permit the app notification through Focus (DND)

If you have enabled Focus mode on your iPhone, several app notifications get restricted.

Step 1 – In the iPhone Settings, open the “Focus” mode settings.


focus min


Step 2 –  There are two options available. Either, you may disable any of the active Focus modes or, allow the app notifications to pass through the active Focus schedule period.

Step 3 – So, open the “Do Not Disturb” mode or whichever Focus mode you are using on your iPhone.


do not disturb min


Step 4 – There is a whole category called Allow Notifications. In the ‘Apps‘ subsection, tap the > icon.


apps open min 1


Step 5 – Select the “Allow Notifications From” option.

Step 6 – Tap the “” icon to add a new app to the allowed list.


allow notifications from min 2


Step 7 – Next, either search for the particular app or select the app, if it appears in the Suggestion box.

You may select multiple apps at once.

Step 8 – Finally, if you tap the “Done” icon, the configuration will be saved.


done wp min 1


Once you do this, you will get the app notifications, even when you are using one of the Focus modes.

Check if this works out for you.