iCloud contacts cannot be disabled: Fix

While trying to disable contacts in the iCloud app, you may see this message “Screen Time Passcode Enabled” prompt on your screen. The Screen Time passcode is there so that you don’t delete the iCloud contacts by mistake. But, if you want to disable the iCloud contacts, and you are getting this error, follow these solutions.

Fix – Turn off the Screen Time Passcode

You can disable the Screen Time passcode directly from the iPhone Settings.

Step 1 – In your iPhone Settings, open the “Screen Time” settings.


screen time min 6


Step 2 – If you have enabled the screen time passcode, you will find the “Change Screen Time Passcode” feature. Just scroll through the page and you will find it there.


change screen time passcode min


Now, you have the option either to change the Screen Time passcode or turn it off completely.

Step 3 – So, choose the “Turn off Screen Time Passcode” or “Change Screen Time Passcode” option.


change screen time min


Step 4 – You need to confirm your choice using the Apple passkey or the old Screen Time passcode. The use of the Apple passkey may not be necessary, if you have not used it while placing the Screen Time passcode.


turn off min


Once you have revoked the changes, you can disable the contacts in the iCloud settings.

Hope this fix have helped you!