How To Install OpenSSH Server on Windows 11

SSH is an important command-line utility that is used by network admins across the globe. And OpenSSH is an open-source version of SSH. In windows 10, we had a built-in Open SSH Client. In Windows 11, we have a built-in Open SSH Server as well as an Open SSH Client. You can Install both of them in your system with a few clicks. Also, the basic configuration is quite straightforward.

If you are eager to install and enable OpenSSH in your Windows 11 system, follow this simple guide.

How to Install Open SSH in Windows 11

Step 1: Double-click on the search box on the ribbon


Search Option


Step 2: Click on the Settings icon


Click On The Settings Icon


Step 3: From the left-hand side pane, click on Apps

Step 4: Choose Optional Features from the right-hand side.



Apps Optional Features



Step 5: In the Optional features panel that opens, click on View features



View Features



Step 6: You will see a Add an optional feature window popping up

Step 7: In the search bar, type Open SSH 

Step 8: Tick on the OpenSSH Server option as shown below

Step 9: Click on the Next button

Step 10: Click on the Install button


Choose Openssh


Step 11: Open SSH Server would start installing in your system. Wait till the installation completes.

Note that, the OpenSSH Server will be Disabled by default. We have to manually enable it in our system.

How to Enable OpenSSH Server in Windows 11

In order to enable Open SSH Server in your system, follow the below steps :

Step 1: Use the keys Windows+R  from your keyboard, and open the Run Terminal window.

Step 2: Enter the below command and hit Enter



Windows 11 Services.msc



Step 3: In the services window, scroll down and locate OpenSSH Server

Step 4: Click on the OpenSSH Server.

Step 5: Then, click on Start the service


Start Openssh Server


How can one connect to this OpenSSH Server?

Now that we have installed OpenSSH Server and enabled it, let us look at how one can connect to this server. Any client willing to connect to this server should know the IP address of this server. Also, should have an SSH Client installed in the system. Any SSH Client can be used to connect to the server.

Step 1: Open your SSH Client and enter the below command,

ssh <username>@<IPAddress>


For example, let us say, the username is admin and the IP Address of the server is, the ssh command to be used is

ssh [email protected]


Step 2: You will be asked to establish your authenticity, enter yes

Step 3: Enter the password when prompted

Step 4: You will be connected to the server and can access the files and folders

That’s All. We hope this article has been informative.

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