How to Win Wordle Every Time when you play

Wordle is a 5-letter online game. A new word is released each day and the players have to guess what is the word of the day. Players have only 6 attempts for their guess. Once you type in a word with five letters in the block hit enter.
You can also change the letters before you click on the enter button. This article tells only about the basic level. So once the letters are in place it checks for the correctness of the word by highlighting the letters with 3 different colors. Below is an example, Gray indicates that the letter is not in the word, Orange indicates that the letter is in the word but you have placed it wrong, and Green indicates that it is the correct letter in the appropriate place. If you correctly guess the word in six attempts you win the game.

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Strategies To Win The Wordle Every Day

You can try the Wordle game. It is a 5 by 6 grid with a virtual keyboard.

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Tip 1: It is always good to start with a word that has Vowels in it. Most probably all words have vowels in them A, E, I, O, U but choose the first 5 letter word which has at least 2-3 vowels in it. Once you hit enter it indicates whether that letter is in the secret word or not. Though they are not in the right place not worry you can use them wisely in your further guess.

Tip 2: Always guess the word with more information in it. That means guessing a completely different but meaningful word, doing so you will get to know the letters which are not in the secret word which is equally important to move further.

Tip 3: Take advantage of commonly used consonants like T, N, S, R, H, L. Most people suggest starting a word with ROATE and with the perfect play you can always find that secret word within five guesses. Here I have tried and got it. So you too give it a try.

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Tip 4: Experts also say none of the secret words are plurals that end with ‘S’. Nevertheless, keep it as a last try. Avoid the words that contain repeated letters until it is really necessary. Ex: Food, here ‘o’ repeats and also seems a good fit but earliest you repeat the vowel fewer chances to guess the letter you need at last. If you strongly believe the word contains repeated letters, you can go with it in the last but one guess.

Tip 5: Wordle is meant for everyday words so think as much as a really simple word. Have patience, since it does not have a timer you can take time on every guess and do not hurry up to the conclusion of words. Do think of some mix and match or combinations of letters, if not mind put them on a piece of paper, and only when you feel the combination is ready and can be entered, put them on the grid.

Tip 6: By now you should have a strong direction as to what to go with next. Focus on your confirmed letters and think about lining up letters by seeing what is in front of each letter which is in green.

Tip 7: Do not overthink, try meaningful combinations, make sure the word you entered make sense.

Tip 8: You can try this game once a day, so do not lose hope. If you are feeling to do so, relax for some time and be back on the grid again. A cool mind will give you bright ideas and help you solve the wordle of the day.

Tip 9: If Stuck you can use online wordle finder tools to crack the riddle quickly. There is nothing wrong in taking a lifeguard near the shore, as you have swimmed so far on your own.

That’s it! It is fun you must give it a try. Well, these ideas may not assure you to win a wordle game daily but they will make you improve your approach towards playing wordle. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and took away some useful information from it. Please do comment on your approach, and thoughts below. Thank You!