How to Sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar

Calendars are an important part of the day-to-day life of any working professional. You can use calendars to save the different events and meetings that are lined up for you so that you get reminders and do not miss them. Managing calendars looks simple enough, but what if you are using calendars for two different email clients. Using both Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar can confuse you and increase the chances of having double bookings in the calendars.

If you are simultaneously working using the Google and Outlook Calendars, then you need to synchronize the calendars across your Google and Outlook accounts. Keep reading this article to understand the steps involved in the Outlook Calendar sync process with Google Calendar.


Sync Your Outlook Calendar with Your Google Calendar


1. Open any web browser and type in the navigation bar.

On the Microsoft Office page, click on Sign in.

Enter the correct credentials to log in to your Office account.

2. After you are logged in to your account, look for the Outlook icon in the left panel.

Click on the Outlook icon to open Outlook as webmail.


Office Left Panel Outlook Min


Note: If you are not able to locate Outlook in the left panel, then click on the App launcher button in the upper left corner of this page. Look for Outlook in this list of apps.

Else, click on the All apps link to list out all the apps and then search for Outlook here.


Office App Launcher Locate Outlook Min


3. Once you open Outlook in the browser, click on the Calendar icon in the left pane to open the Outlook Calendar.


Outlook Calendar Min


At the top right, click on Settings (gear icon).

This opens up the Settings panel on the right side. Click on View all Outlook settings at the bottom of this panel.


Outlook Settings All Outlook Settings Min


4. The Settings window will be open in front of you.

Here, click on the Calendar tab on the left side.

Next, select Shared calendars in the Calendar sub-menu.


Outlook Settings Calendar Shared Calendars Min


5. In Shared calendars, you need to go to Publish a calendar section to get the link for the calendar.

Click on the dropdown box labeled Select a calendar. Choose a calendar from this dropdown list.


Outlook Publish Calendar Select Calendar Min


Use the drop-down menu labeled as Select permissions. Here, choose the option Can view all details.


Outlook Publish Calendar Select Permissions Min


Then, click on the Publish button.


Outlook Publish Calendar Min


6. After you click on Publish, you will see two links to view the details. One is an HTML link and the other is an ICS link.

We will be using the ICS link for integrating Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar.

Tap on the ICS link (below the HTML link). In the menu that opens, choose the option Copy link.


Outlook Shared Calendars Ics Link Copy Min



You will see a small dialog pop up indicating that the link is copied. Click on the Copy button here.


Ics Link Copied Min


Now, you have the Outlook Calendar link which can be used for synchronization.

7. Go to another tab in your browser and open to open the Google Calendar.

Sign in to your Google account if you are not signed in.

8. On this page, click on the plus (+) sign next to Other calendars on the sidebar near the bottom of the page.


Google Calendar Other Calendars Plus Sign Min


In the menu that is displayed, click on From URL option.


Google Calendar Other Calendars From Url Min



Paste the ICS link that you had copied previously. To paste, either press the CTRL + V key combination or right-click on the text box and click on Paste.


Google Calendar Other Calendars From Url Paste Ics Link Min


After the Outlook Calendar link is pasted, click on the Add calendar button.


Google Calendar Other Calendars From Url Paste Ics Link Add Calendar Min



9. You will see your Outlook Calendar in the list below Other calendars once the synchronization process completes.


Utlook Calendar Synchronized With Google Calendar Min


You can rename this calendar and even change its color.

After the synchronization process, you can get event notifications for both the Google Calendar as well the Outlook Calendar.

That’s it!

Thanks for reading.

Did you find the steps in this article informative enough for syncing your Outlook calendar with your Google Calendar? Please let us know you opinions on the same in the comments section below.