How To Hide And Unhide Navigation Pane In File Explorer On Windows 10

The navigation pane is seen on the left of the File Explorer/Windows Explorer. It shows Quick access, This PC, Folders, etc. It is quick and easy to reach out to a few folders and locations from this navigation pane. But few users would like to hide this and perform the actions. In this article will we learn how to hide and unhide/enable the navigation pane from the file explorer.

How To Hide Navigation Pane

Step 1: Open File Explorer, to do that press Windows + E keys together.

Step 2: On the top left click on the View tab. By default, the navigation pane will be enabled on the system.




Step 3:  Click on the Navigation Pane button, and a drop-down will appear.


Navigation Pane


Step 4: Click on the Navigation Pane option from the drop-down.


Check Navigationpane


Step 5: Now in the File Explorer you can see that the Navigation pane is disappeared.




How To Unhide/Enable Navigation Pane

Follow the same above steps [Step1 – Step 4] to enable or show the navigation pane. Basically, click on the Navigation pane option for both hide or show the navigation pane in explorer.


Uncheck Navigationpane


Now it is back on the File Explorer.


Navigation Pane Uncheck


That’s it! Hope this article helped you. Thank you!!