NVIDIA Control Panel not opening / working issue in Windows 11 Fix

NVIDIA Control Panel has all the things and settings that you can tweak to extract the full capabilities of your graphics card. So, when the NVIDIA Control Panel stops working, you can’t alter many settings that you want to unless you find a fix to make the NVIDIA Control Panel once more.


Fix 1 – Kill all the NVIDIA processes

You have to kill all the NVIDIA processes and restart the File Explorer process.

1. Try to open the NVIDIA Control Panel.

Windows will try to launch the NVIDIA Control Panel. It won’t open up. Don’t worry.

2. Now, just right-click the Windows icon and tap “Task Manager“.


Task Manager Min


4. When the Task Manager opens up, you will find several NVIDIA processes running.

5. Just right-tap one of those processes and tap “End task” to kill that.


Nvidia End Task Min


6. Repeat the same steps for all the NVIDIA processes as well.


End All Min


7. Now, press the Windows key+E once to open the File Explorer. Once it does open up, minimize it and go back to the Task Manager.

8. Coming back to the Task Manager page, you will find the “File Explorer” process.

9. Just, select it and tap “Restart” to reboot the File Explorer.


Explorer Restart Min


This may turn your screen unresponsive for a brief period. Soon, you can check whether the NVIDIA Control Panel is working or not.


Fix 2  – Automate the NVIDIA service

If the first method doesn’t solve your issue, you can automate the NVIDIA service.

1. Open the Run terminal. To do that, right-tap the Windows icon in the middle of the taskbar and tap “Run“.


Run Min


2. Then, type this word there and click “OK“.



Services Min


3. When the Services page opens up, scroll down and find the “NVIDIA Display Container LS” service.

4. Once you have found it, double-tap that to open it.


Nvidia Display Service Dc Min


5. Now, look at the status of the service. If it is ‘Stopped‘, you have to tap “Start“.

If it is already running, tap “Stop” to stop the service and then, click “Start” to resume the service.

6. Once it is done, set the ‘Startup type:’ to the “Automatic” setting from the drop-down option.

7. Later, just click “OK” to save all these changes that you have made.


Autoamatic Start Stop Min


8. Coming back to the Services page, try to find the “NVIDIA LocalSystem Container” service.

9. Once you have found that service, repeat the same steps that we have mentioned in Steps 5 to Step 7 to automate this service as well.

[Additionally, if you can find the “NVIDIA Network Service Container“, automate it. ]


Nvidia Local System Dc Min


Finally, close the Services screen. Then, try to open the NVIDIA Control Panel one more time. It should solve your problem.


Fix 3 – Kill the NVIDIA Container process

If automating the NVIDIA-related services doesn’t work, try ending NVIDIA processes.

1. Try to open the NVIDIA Control Panel.

2. Then, press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc key combinations together to open the Task Manager without even moving your mouse.

3. Now, head on to the “Details” tab and look for the “NVDisplay.Container.exe” process.

4. Just right-tap that and click “End task” to kill it.


Nvdisplay Container End Task Min


After this, retry to launch the NVIDIA Control Panel again. Test if this is working or not.


Fix 4 – Update the graphics driver

NVIDIA updates its control panel with its regular driver updates as well.

There are two ways you can proceed.

Using the Device Manager 

1. Open the Run terminal by pressing the Windows key+R.

2. Then, type this and click on “OK“.



Device Manager Devmgmt Min


3. On the Device Manager page, just expand the “Display adapters” section.

4. Just, right-tap the NVIDIA driver and click on the “Update driver” option to update the driver.


Update Nvidia Min


5. Now, you will be offered two choices. Choose “Search automatically for drivers” to let it search and install the graphics card on the system.


Search Automatically For Drivers Min


Windows will now download and install the latest graphics card on your system.

Once it is done, do restart your computer.


Using the NVIDIA GeForce Experience 

It is the easiest way to update your NVIDIA driver.

1. At first, launch the GeForce Experience app.

2. Now, you may go to the “DRIVERS” section.

3. After that, tap on “Download” to download the latest version of the driver.


Download Min


Wait for a while as your system downloads the latest version of the driver.

4. Once it is done, tap on “CUSTOM INSTALLATION“.


Custom Installation Min


This will let you take full control over the installation process.

5. In the next step, just check the “Perform a clean installation” tab and click “Next“.


Install It Min


This will remove all the misconfigured driver profiles and set the default settings.

Once this process is done, feel free to check the status of the NVIDIA Control Panel.


Additional Tip – 

If nothing has worked for you, you can try to uninstall the NVIDIA Control Panel app.

a. Open the Apps and Features page.

b. Here, locate and uninstall the “NVIDIA Control Panel” app.


Uninstall Control Panel


c. Once you have uninstalled the NVIDIA Control Panel app, open this Store link.

d. Now, tap “Install” to

Nvidia Control Panel Install Store


After this, use this new NVIDIA Control Panel app.