How to get Windows 10 style Right-click context menu on Windows 11

When you right-click on a file you will see a new drop-down menu appearing on your new Windows 11. This is because the right-click context menu in Windows 11 is restructured with limited entries when compared to Windows 10. You always need to click on Show More Options to get the 7-zip or the other things you like to use in the work which may be a bit annoying. Do not worry, you can bring back the old context menu in Windows 11 also. If you want to know how this article explains how to get back the old right-click context menu.

How to get the old right-click context menu back

Right-click on a folder or file and then click on Show More Options to get back the old right-click context menu.

Show More Options


If you do not like this way and want the old menu at one click, get down to the next method given below.

Use Registry Editor

You can simply use the Registry Editor to get back the old right-click context menu. We can edit the registry in two ways Manual and Automatic. Let’s see them in detail below.

Step 1: Open the Run window and type regedit to open the Registry Editor.


Run Regedit


Step 2: Now, copy and paste the path in the address bar of the Registry Editor.


Regedit Path


Step 3: Now, open the CLSID Folder by clicking the drop-down button.


Clsid Dropdown


Step 4: Next, right-click on the CLSID Folder and click on New > Key.

This will create a new key.


New Key1



Step 5: Copy and paste the text given below in the newly created Key.



New Key 1 Name


Step 6:Next, right-click on the newly created key and click New > Key.


New Key2


Step 7: Name the key as ” InprocServer32“.


New Key 2 Name



Step 8: Click on the InprocServer32 key, and double-click on the Default String in the right-side panel.




Step 9: A dialog box opens, click on OK.


Pop Up Window


NOTE: The value data field should be blank.

Step 10: The Right-side panel will look as below after everything is done.


Pop Up Window 2


Step 11: Close the Registry Editor and Reboot your System.

Step 12: Now, right-click on any folder to get the old Right-click context menu.


Old Menu


Editing Registry Automatically

Step 1: Open Notepad typing in the search menu tab.




Step 2: Copy and paste the code below to write the registry version in the notepad.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Notepad Code


Step 3: Now, save the file as the “.reg” extension as shown below. This creates the registry file.



Save As Reg File


Step 4: Double click on the saved registry file to run the program.


Run Reg File


Step 5: Once done, reboot your system.

Step 6: Simply right-click on any folder to get the old right-click menu.


Old Menu


In this way, you can use any one of the above methods to get back your old right-click context menu.

How to go back to the new right-click context menu?

If you wish to get back the new default right-click context menu, follow the steps in “Editing Registry Manually”. Simply navigate to the key address we have created and delete that key.


Delete Key


That’s all.

Hope this article is useful and informative.

Thanks for Reading.