How to fix Twitch error data loading issue in Chrome

Twitch has completely turned to their web clients while the support for their desktop client ended back in April 2022. So, for the users, the only choice left is to stream their favorite streams using the browsers. Now, what if the “Error data loading” error message appears on the browser while you try to access Twitch? Don’t worry. Maybe a new version of an extension is the main reason behind this error message. If you are facing this issue, follow these easy solutions to fix the Twitch app.


Fix 1 – Check whether Twitch is down

Before you do anything, check whether actually Twitch is down or not.

1. It’s quite easy to check this. Just go to Twitch.


Twitch Down Min


You can see whether Twitch is down or not from here.


Fix 2 – Clear the Chrome data

The easiest and quickest fix for this issue is to clear the temporary data of Chrome.

1. Sometimes the existing corrupt Chrome files may cause this issue.

2. In Google Chrome, you can press the Ctrl+Shift+Delete keys together or, tap the three-dot menu and tap “More tools>” and tap the “Clear browsing data” option.


Clear Browsing Data Min


3. Now, click on the ‘Time range:’ and select the “All time” from the drop-down.

6. Make sure that you have checked these options –

Browsing history
Cookies and other site data 
Cached images and files

7. Just, tap “Clear data” to remove all the corrupt files.


Clear Twitch Dat Min


Once the process is complete, open a new tab and launch Twitch from there.

Check if this works for you.


Fix 3 – Disable the extensions

The misconfigured extensions can cause this problem for you. Try to disable those and test.

1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your system.

2. In the browser, tap the three-dot menu () and click on “More Tools>“.

3. Next, tap on “Extensions” to open up the list of extensions in Google Chrome.


More Tools Extensions Min


4. This will open the complete list of extensions installed in Google Chrome.

5. Now, one-by-one disable all the extensions in Chrome.


Disable Those Min


Once you have disabled all the extensions, close the browser and then, relaunch the browser.

Now, launch Twitch from a new tab and check if it is loading up correctly.


Fix 4 – Insert the /live in the address

Some users have fixed their issues just by inserting the “/live” phrase.  in the address bar.

1. Open the Twitch in Google Chrome or try to open it.

2. In the address bar of Chrome, append the address with the “/live” phrase.

So, the address will be –

3. Now, press the Enter key to open the Twitch website.


Live Min

If the issue still persists, go for the next solution.


Fix 5 – Use an incognito tab

Try accessing Twitch using an incognito tab of the browser. You may have to input your Twitch credentials to log in.

1. In Google Chrome, press the Ctrl+Shift+N keys together.

2. Once a new incognito tab opens up, open the Twitch website there.


Incognitor Min


Check if this is working for you or not.


Fix 6 – Use another browser

There are alternative browsers that you may use to access Twitch. Some good alternatives are –

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox 



Twitch Browse


This will obviously work and you can continue to access the Twitch using the browser.