How To Fix No Sound While Streaming On Twitch Issues

Twitch is a video streaming app used for gaming purposes. Are you one of them who is facing sound issues while streaming on Twitch? Not able to hear any sound while streaming? Well, that is the topic we are solving in this article. Not to worry about it, we have different methods of solutions so that you can get rid of the issue. The reasons behind the sound issue might be varying in each case, few would be cache problems, driver not updated, device not configured properly, etc. Let us discuss different methods in detail to solve this problem.

Method 1: Initial Check

Before trying other solutions to solve the problem it is always good to check a few basic things initially. Check if your speakers are muted, the cables are connected or not, etc. Sometimes these simpler things we miss out and straight away jump to think it is a bigger problem and get tensed about it.

1. Make sure that your computer speakers are not on mute.

Check if other applications with videos or songs on your computer have audio issues too. To do so you can play any youtube videos and check if you can hear the audio or you can open any mp3 files and check if it is audible. If none of them work then make sure that your computer speakers are not on mute. If it is on mute then it is obvious that none of the audio from your computer is audible so unmute it.

Step 1: You can check that at the bottom right corner of your computer.


Speaker Mute


Step 2: In the below image the speaker is muted so to unmute it click on the speaker icon and set the volume as per your need by moving the slider.


Speaker Unmute


2. Make sure the cables are connected appropriately to the system

It happens like there may be some connection issues or even it happens that the wires/cables are not connected so check if the cables like headphones are connected properly and firmly into the slot.

3. Set Up The Correct Audio DeviceĀ 

Your system might be using the wrong device. That means another device might be set as default on your system and this might be one of the reasons for the sound issue.

Step 1: Right-click on the speaker which is at the bottom right corner of the computer.

Step 2: Click on Sounds.



Step 3: In the appeared window click on the Playback tab.




Step 4: Check if you have the correct device set as the default device, else right click on your device and click on Set as Default Device. Once set, it should appear as shown in the below image.


Default Device


Step 5: Click on OK.

If the above basic steps don’t work then try the below-mentioned different methods.

Method 2: Restart your Computer

If the issue is temporary a restart can help to solve it. The restart will free some memory space and clear temporary files that were stored by various pieces of software. Before restarting the computer, save all your documents so that the information is not lost. Now restart the computer and check if the problem is solved. If not go ahead and try the next methods.

Method 3: Check Internet Properties

If you are using the Twitch web app on your browser, then check the internet properties settings.

Step 1: Open the internet properties, to do so press Windows + R key together to open a run prompt.

Step 2: Type inetcpl.cpl in the Run prompt and hit enter.


Internet Propertiespng


Step 3: Click on the Advanced tab and scroll down to find the multimedia section. Choose the play sounds in the webpages option by selecting the checkbox beside it.

Step 4: Then click on OK. Check if the audio issue is solved.


Play Sound

Method 4: Clear All Browser Cache and Cookies

The search information will be collected by the browser and stored and the cache is used to load the browser faster by storing the previous search information. This might sometime cause different issues. So try removing all the cookies and cache.

Step 1: Open the browser that you use and press the ctrl + shift + delete keys together

Step 2: Select the cookies, cache, browsing history, download history checkboxes from the appeared window, and click on clear data.


Clear Browserdata


Step 3: Close and re-open the browser to check if the audio is back.

Try with a different browser

If the issue is still present try using the Twitch app streaming on different browsers. Suppose you are currently using Chrome, then try with Edge, Firefox, etc. If trying with a different browser solves your problem then the browser which you used initially might cause the audio issue.

Method 5: Update Your Computer Audio Driver


Step 1: Open Device Manager, to do so press Windows + R keys together to open Run Prompt.

Step 2: Type devmgmt.msc in the run prompt and hit enter.


Device Manager


Step 3: Scroll down and find Sound, video, and game controllers expand it and right click on the particular driver and click on Update driver.


Update Driver


Step 4: Click on Search automatically for drivers. And continue with instructions to finish the process.


Update Driver Fix

Method 6: Use Windows Troubleshooter For Audio


Step 1: In the windows search bar type audio troubleshooter, in the search results click on Find and fix problems with playing sounds.




Step 2: Click on Next and it will scan and detect if any problem.


Troubleshoot Instuctions


Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the troubleshooting process and check if the sound issue is solved.


That’s it! Hope this article helped you to solve the issue. Comment below which method worked for you. Thank you!!