How To Fix Microsoft Outlook Crashes frequently On Windows PC

Microsoft Outlook is an email app that is most widely used for Mailing. While this is popular and widely used, users face a few different errors on Outlook. One such issue is Microsoft Outlook crashes when opened. Due to this, the user cannot further proceed to check emails or perform other activities on the computer regarding Outlook. If you are one among them, do not worry it can be solved. In this article, we have different solutions that you can try and get rid of the problem. Let us start!

Method 1 – Check For Latest Outlook Updates And Apply Them

Step 1 – Open the Microsoft Outlook app

Step 2 – Click on the file that is at the top left corner


file 6


Step 3 – On the left side, click on the office account


office account


Step 4 – Click on the update options drop-down and from the appeared list click on update now


update now 1


Step 5 – Wait for the update to finish and then check if the issue is solved.


Method 2 – Restart The Outlook App


Step 1 – Right click on the taskbar

Step 2 – From the appeared list, click on task manager


task manager


Step 3 – In the processes tab, find the Outlook app and right-click on it

Step 4 – Then click on the end task option. If the Outlook app is running in the background it will be closed


end task


Step 5 – Reopen the Outlook app and check if the issue is solved.


Method 3 – Open Microsoft Outlook In Safe Mode


Step 1 – Open the run prompt using Windows + R keys together

Step 2 – Type Outlook.exe /safe in the run prompt and hit enter




Step 3 – There appears a prompt asking you to choose the profile. Choose your profile from its dropdown, here I will select Outlook




Step 4 – Then click on ok

Step 5 – Now Outlook will open the safe mode, and check if the error is resolved. If it works fine then the issue might be because of Outlook add-ins. So try to disable them as said below.

Disable Problematic Outlook Add-ins

Step 1 – Open the Outlook app

Step 2 – At the top left corner, click on file




Step 3 – From the bottom left side, click on options




Step 4 – In the Outlook options window, click on add-ins that is at the left side




Step 5 – In the Manage drop down select COM Add-ins and click on Go button beside it




Step 6 – From the COM Add-ins window, uncheck all the add-ins by clicking on the checkboxes beside them (a tick mark should not be present)




Step 7 – Then click on ok

Step 8 – Restart the Outlook and enable one add-in (a tick mark should be present) and check if the error persists. Likewise enable one by one and check if the error is solved. If the error is solved then it is confirmed that the error was due to a particular add-in.

Method 4 – Disable Hardware Acceleration


Step 1 – Open Microsoft Outlook app

Step 2 – Click on File at the top left corner




Step 3 – At the bottom left, click on options




Step 4 – In the opened window, select advanced tab that is at the left




Step 5 – In the display section, enable the option Disable hardware graphics acceleration by clicking in the checkbox beside it (a tick mark should be present)

Step 6 – To save the changes click on ok


Method 5 – Run Microsoft Office Repair Tool


Step 1 – Open the windows settings using Windows + I keys together

Step 2 – Click on apps




Step 3 – In the apps & features window, scroll down and find Microsoft Office (Microsoft 365)

Step 4 – Click on Microsoft 365 and select modify




Step 5 – A user account control window will open, click on yes

Step 6 – In the next window, it will ask you for how would you like to repair your office programs. Select quick repair by clicking on the radio button beside it


quick repair


Step 7 – Then click on repair button. Again to proceed with the repair process, click on repair

If the problem still exist then you can repeat the above steps [step 1 – step 5] and then click on Online Repair option by clicking on the radio button beside it. This option requires a good internet connection. Then click on repair button. Again to proceed with the repair process, click on repair


Online Repair


Step 8 – It might take sometime to finish the process. Once done restart the system and then check if the issue is resolved.

Method 6 – Repair The Corrupted .PST Files Using SCANPST.EXE Tool


Step 1 – Close the Outlook app and all its traces

Step 2 – Open the Windows explorer (File explorer) using Windows + E keys together

Step 3 – Navigate to the following path in the File explorer

Note: The below path might vary according to your OS version. So navigate to the appropriate path where there is scanpst.exe file. You can search it manually using find option as well

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16

Step 4 – Double click on SCANPST.EXE file


scanpst 1


Step 5  Click on browse and specify the path of pst file

Note: The default pst file might be located in different paths based on the version. You can also manually search them using find option

For Outlook 2013 version onwards the path might be


For Outlook 2010 version onwards the path might be

Documents\Outlook Files

Step 6 – Once the location is specified click on start to perform a scan




Step 7 – If there are any inconsistencies they will be listed

Step 8 – Click on the checkbox beside Create a backup of the scanned file (a tick mark should be present). This creates a backup, incase if the process goes wrong you can restore the backup

Step 9 – Click on repair. Wait till the process is completed. Once done check if the problem is resolved.


Method 7 – Create A New Microsoft Outlook Profile


Step 1 – Open the run prompt using Windows + R keys together

Step 2 – Type control in the run prompt and hit enter. This will open the control panel




Step 3 – In the view by drop down select large icons 


large icons


Step 4 – Click on Mail (Microsoft Outlook)


mail 1


Step 5 – Under the profiles section, click on show profiles button


show profile 1


Step 6 – Click on add button


add 2


Step 7 – Give a name to the new profile by entering the name in profile name field

Step 8 – Click on ok


profile name


Step 9 – In the add account window, enter the name, email address and password then click on next. Follow the onscreen instructions and then the new profile will be created


profile created


Step 10 – Under when starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile section, select always use this profile option by clicking on the radio button beside it. Then from its dropdown select your newly created profile


always use profile


Step 11 – Click on apply and ok. Now check if the error is resolved.


Method 8 – Run The Microsoft Support And Recovery Assistant


Step 1 – Go to the Microsoft website

Step 2 – Scroll down and download the Support and Recovery Assistant by clicking on the download button




Step 3 – Once the file is downloaded, double click on the downloaded file (setup.exe)

Step 4 – Install the Microsoft Support And Recovery Assistant by following the onscreen instruction. Once done open it

Step 5 – Select Outlook and click on next

Step 6 – From the appeared window, choose the problem that you are experiencing regarding Outlook then click on next

Step 7 – Follow the onscreen instructions and finish the process. The tool will fix the issue. Then check if the issue is solved.


That’s it! I hope the above provided information is helpful and easy to follow. Let us know which method did you apply and got the issue resolved. Thank you and happy reading!!