How to Fix Google Play Store 905 Error

There are many errors faced by Google Play Store users and one among those errors is the 905 error code, preventing users to download and install an application/game. Some of the users have reported that this error is specific to a single application/game for them. While some other users have reported that they have faced this error for many applications and games at the same time.

The reasons for this error are mostly corrupted application data and cache. Another big reason could be a corrupted Google account. There also are chances that you are getting this error because you have installed a faulty Google Play Store application update on your Android device. Though the causes might sound complex, trust us, fixing the 905 error is indeed a piece of cake!

A simple restart often fixes most of the Android issues and that is the first thing you should do to try to fix the Google Play Store 905 error as well. If the restart doesn’t do the trick for you and you are still facing the issue, please try out the solutions listed in this article one by one and in the same order. So without further ado, let’s dive in, shall we?

Solution 1: Clear Google Play Store Application Data and Cache

Step 1: Launch the Settings application by clicking on its icon from the applications drawer.


2 1 Settings Min


Step 2: Click on the Apps tile from the Settings screen.


2 2 Apps Min


Step 3: From the list of applications available, scroll down, locate and click on the application Google Play Store.


2 3 Play Store Min


Step 4: Now on the Google Play Store app-info screen, click on the Storage option.


2 4 Storage Min


Step 5: As next, hit the Clear data button and the Clear cache button to clear off the application data and application cache of Google Play Store.


2 5 Clear Data Min


That’s it. Once the corrupted cache and data are cleared off, try if you can download the application you intended to download without facing the 905 error from Google Play Store.

Solution 2: Remove your Google Account and Add it Back

As mentioned in the introduction section already, sometimes the issue could happen because of the corrupted Google account that’s been added to your device. Let’s try removing your Google account and then try adding it back to check if that is the culprit.

Step 1: Launch the Settings application first.


3 1 Settings Min


Step 2: Now on the Settings screen, click on the Accounts and backup option.


3 2 Accounts Backup Min Min


Step 3: As next, on the Accounts and backup screen, click on the Manage accounts option.


3 3 Manage Accounts Min Min


Step 4: Under the Manage accounts screen, click on the Google account which is giving you the Play Store 905 error. We are now going to remove this account.


3 4 Select Google Account Min Min


Step 5: On the screen that follows, you will have to click on the Remove account button. Once the account is removed, hit the Back Arrow icon at the top left corner of the screen.


3 5 Remove Account Min Min


Step 6: You will now be back at the Manage accounts screen. Scroll down and click on the Add account button.


3 6 Add Account Min Min


Step 7: From the type of accounts that can be added, click on the option Google.


3 7 Google Min Min


You will now be prompted to the screen where you have to enter your Google account credentials. You can either add back the same Google account that you removed, or you can add a different Google account altogether. Once the account is added back, please check if your issue is resolved or not.

Solution 3: Uninstall Google Play Store Updates

Faulty application updates are always a reason for the 905 error and simply uninstalling application updates from Google Play Store can solve the issue for you, if that’s the case.

Step 1: Once again, launch the Settings application by clicking on its icon.


4 1 Settings Min


Step 2: As next, on the Settings screen, click on the Apps option.


4 2 Apps Min


Step 3: Now, from the list of applications, click on the Google Play Store application.


4 3 Play Store Min


Step 4: On the App info screen, at the top left corner, click on the 3 vertical dots icon to view More Options.


4 4 Vertical Dots Min


Step 5: Hit the Uninstall updates option next.


4 5 Uninstall Updates Min


Step 6: You will now get the warning window that says all the updates installed on the Google Play Store application will be uninstalled, leaving the application in its factory state. Hit the OK button here to proceed.


4 6 Confirm Uninstall Updates Min


Check if you can download applications from Google Play Store without facing the 905 error now. Now that you have uninstalled the faulty application updates, it is time to update your Google Play Store to the latest version available.

Step 7: Launch the Play Store application by clicking on its icon.


4 7 Play Store Min


Step 8: Now on the Play Store home screen, at the top right corner, click on your profile icon.


4 8 Profile Icon Min


Step 9: Click on the Settings option next.


4 9 Settings Min


Step 10: As next, click on the Down Arrow associated with the About option to expand it.


4 10 About Min


Step 11: Now, finally, under the Play Store version section, click on the Update Play Store link to update your Play Store to the latest version available. That’s it.


4 11 Update Play Store Min


Please do tell us in the comments section which method fixed the 905 Google Play Store error for you.

Do come back, as there are many more technical tricks, tips, solutions, how-tos, and hacks all on the way!