How to change language in Xbox Series X / S

The Xbox console supports a variety of languages as it caters to a large worldwide audience numbering millions. It is understandable that not all gaming folks will be comfortable communicating in English. There are a large number of languages that the user can choose from at their convenience. There is no better feeling than playing and communicating in a language that we all understand and can have fun with. Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S allows you to set the default language at the time of installation and set up. Did you know that you can also change those default setting at any given point in time once the setup is completed? The language settings on Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X can be customized to the region which you are familiar with to ensure there is no miscommunication. There is additional support available with respect to the specific location where the language is spoken.

Changing the language in Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Step 1: Press the Xbox button on your controller.


Xbox Button Min


Step 2: Go to Profile & system and select Settings.


Settings Min


Step 3: Go to the System tab, and select Language & location.


Language And Location Min


Step 4: Select Language and choose the preferred language from the drop-down.


Language Min


Language Dropdown Min


Note: For this example, we will select the language as Deutsch. You will notice that language of the other menu changes accordingly. There is also an option to change the language according to the region as mentioned earlier.

Step 5: From the Language region, choose the region of the language from the drop-down.


Language Region1 Min


Region Dropdown Min

Note: In this example, we will select Deutsch(Schweiz).

Step 6: Choose the desired location from the Location drop-down.


Region Min


Region Dropdwon Min


Step 7:  After selection  of settings it will look as below


After Full Selection Min


Step 8: Once the language settings are changed, select Restart now.


Restart Now Min


Step 9: Select Continue to accept the changes.


Confirmation Min


Note: The changes may take a few minutes to update as there might be some downloading which depends on connection speeds.

These settings will ensure your language is changed to your preferred language for communication. Tell us in the comments if you prefer to use the default English language settings or like to change to a different language.