How To Appear Offline Or Invisible In The Steam App

Steam is an online app that is used by most gamers. There is also a chat option using which you can chat or message your friend. But constantly receiving messages, may disturb gamers while they play games. There are options to avoid the disturbance if needed. There is a way to change your status in the Steam app. In this article, we will discuss how to change the status of the app.

Different Status Present In Steam App


Online – That means you are active and available for communication

Away – This indicates that you are away from the keyboard and will respond to the chat once you are back and active online.

Invisible – The Invisible status tells your friends that you are offline but you can send or receive messages. This option will help if you want to hide from some friends

Offline – Offline means that you are not available and active, thus cannot chat

Do not disturb – This hides messages and communications while you are online.

Appear Offline Or Invisible In The Steam App


Step 1: Open the Steam app and login 

Step 2: At the top click on Friends 

Step 3: If you need to appear offline, then from the list click on offline. Now a tick mark will appear beside offline




Step 4: If you want to chat with others on the steam app then, from the dropdown list click on invisible




Step 5: To be back online, click on the friends option again that is on the top

Step 6: From the dropdown list click on online




An alternate way to make yourself appear offline on the Steam app


Step 1: Open the Steam app

Step 2: Open the chat window that is at the bottom right corner of the window as friends & chat




Step 3: In the appeared window click on the drop-down present beside your profile 

Step 4: From the appeared list you can select the option that you need away, offline, invisible, or do not disturb. That particular selected option will be highlighted in blue color.





That’s it! Isn’t it simple? I hope this article is helpful. Thank you!!