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  1. Anonymous says

    It appears that USB Safeguard has no free version, as the free version and the trial version seem to be one in the same.

  2. OZ says

    JN, what a nasty piece of work you are. You can’t just comment and describe the the matters you discovered in a polite fashion – and what’s with the use of ‘traditions’ as a put down. What a tool.
    How about you do some research on emotional intelligence – I believe you’ll discover you are somewhat retarded in this area.

  3. JN says

    … Rohos Disk Encryption is not free, SafeHouse explorer is not free, and it seems to be dead.
    Author have you done any research before posting this article? Any attempt at all? Or it is against your traditions or something?

  4. JN says

    Hi there,

    Still it is good when free trial products are not confused with actually free of charge ones.
    For instance, Cryptainer LE is free for protected storage capacities of up to 100MB. This is nothing these days – whether it’s free or otherwise.
    Before publishing articles, more responsible and thorough research would be greatly appreciated.