How to Forget the Wi-Fi Connection Network in Windows 11

Wi-Fi network allows users to connect to internet by connecting to the wi-fi router. Whenever you try to connect to a wi-fi network, it will ask for a password and after entering the password, it saves the network details on the system. Later, if in case you are facing an authentication problem on your laptop, it means that the network security password is changed. In order to solve this, you need to forget the wi-fi network on your system which clears the saved wi-fi network details such as password and you can connect to the network with the new password again. So let us see in this article how you can forget the Wi-Fi network connection on your windows 11 pc in many ways.


Method 1: From Action Center

Step 1: Open Action Center

Press Win + A keys together on your keyboard.

Step 2: In the Action Center

Click on wi-fi small right-side arrow button as shown in the below image.

Wi Fi Side Arrow Win11

Step 3: In the next window

Right-Click on the wi-fi network which you want to forget.

Then, Click on Forget from the context menu as shown in the below image.

Forget Wi Fi Network Win11

This will clear the wi-fi network details saved on the system and prompts to enter the password next time you try to connect it.

Method 2: From Settings app

Step 1: Open Settings app

Press Win key on your keyboard and type Settings.

Hit Enter key.

Open Settings From Windows Search Win11 11zon

Step 2: In the Settings app window

Click on Network & internet > Wi-Fi > Manage known networks.

Make sure Sort by Preference and Filter by All are set as shown below.

Then, Click on Forget button on any wi-fi network that you want to forget from the system.

Forget Wi Fi Network From Settings App Win11 11zon

Method 3: From PowerShell application

Step 1: Open PowerShell application

Press Win key on your keyboard and type powershell.

Then, Right click on PowerShell app and Click Run as administrator from the context menu.

Open Powershell Run As Admin Win11

Step 2: In the PowerShell window

Type netsh wlan show profiles and hit Enter key.

This will show all the Wi-Fi profiles saved on the system.

Show Wifi Profiles Powershell Win11 (1)

Step 3: To forget a wi-fi network profile

Type netsh wlan delete profile name=”wi-fi profile name” and hit Enter key.

NOTE: Replace wi-fi profile name by the Wi-Fi network profile that you want to forget as shown below.


Delete Wi Fi Powershell Win11

Step 4: To forget all the Wi-Fi networks at single command

Type netsh wlan delete profile name=* i=* and hit Enter key.

This forgets all the wi-fi network profiles on the system at once.

To verify, type netsh wlan show profiles and press Enter key.

Now you can see that all the profiles are deleted and it shows as <None> in the screenshot given below.


Forget All Wi Fi Networks At Once Powershell Win11

That’s all!

Hope this article was helpful and please let us know which method you liked the most by leaving comments below.

Thank you for reading.