How to Configure Location Settings in Windows 11

Whenever you are using any shopping website or GPS application for navigation, it makes use of your current location configured on your system or else it will prompt for you to enter your location details. But it feels really annoying if every time you have to enter the location while using the application based on location services. For this, you need to configure the location services settings on your system and this article will guide you on how to configure your location settings on your windows 11 system.

How to Turn ON / OFF Location Settings in Windows 11

Step 1: Open Settings app

Press Win key on your keyboard and type settings.

Hit Enter key.

Open Settings From Windows Search Win11 11zon

Step 2: In the Settings window

Go to Privacy & security.

Then, Scroll down the page and Click on Location as shown below.


Open Location In Settings Win11

Step 3: In the Location page

Click on toggle button to turn On / Off the Location services settings as shown below.

Location Services Settings Win11

Step 4: To allow apps to use your location

Click on toggle button of Let apps access your location settings in the page as shown below.

Allow Apps To Use Location Services Win11

Step 5: Then, under the Let apps access you location page

You can see there are many apps listed under it which needs permission to use location services (eg:- Camera, Skype, Maps etc.).

To allow the access to a particular app, please click app’s toggle button as shown below.

Turn On Off Apps To Use Location Services Win11 11zon

Step 6: To set the default location on your system

Please Click on Set defaultĀ button in Default location settingsĀ as shown below.

On clicking the button, the Map window will show up to set the default location.

Set Default Location Win11 Step 7: In the Map window

Click on Set default location button as shown in the image.


Set Default Location Button Win11

Step 8: To choose the default location

Please enter your location and Click on the appropriate location suggested from the list as shown below.

This will set the default location on your system.


Choose Default Location Win11

Step 9: To delete the location history on your system

Click Clear button as shown below.

Clear Location History Win11

This will clear location history on your system.

That’s all guys!

Hope this article was informative and helpful.

Please leave comments below if any doubts.

Thank you for reading.