Fixed: Cannot Save Files to Desktop in Windows 10 / 11

Desktop is the place where we tend to save most of our files, apps, or programs for quick access. It makes life easier for users where they can save folders and shortcuts to get access to their files and programs conveniently, instead of looking around for a specific file in a specific location. This saves time.

However, many users report facing an issue where they are unable to save files to the desktop in their Windows 10 PC. So, how do we resolve this issue? Let’s find out.


Solution: Through Settings App


Step 1: Search Controlled folder access in Windows 10 search box.

Controlled Folder Access Min


Step 6: In the next window, go to the Controlled folder access section and move the slider to turn it off.


Controlled Folder Access Turn Off



Now, go back and try saving the file to the desktop and it should get saved now without any issues.