Fix wrong find album info link in windows media player restore

Many Windows 10 & 11 users who got updated to the latest version in windows 10 and windows 11 are facing a common bug. When they right click on any music album and click on find album info option, it goes to a new url showing most of time wrong album info. Now, all of them want the older link which displayed correct info. If you also happen to face this error, try the steps given below to fix this error.

Fai Music Album Info Window Media Player

Step 1 – Search regedit in windows search




Step 2 – Browse to the following location in the registry editor.




Step 3 – locate PREFERREDMETADATAPROVIDER key in the right side

Step 4 – Right click on PREFERREDMETADATAPROVIDER and choose modify. Regedit



Step 5 – Clear the value data field, delete pmpMusicMatch value and click OK. Edit Key


Step 6 – Close the registry editor and reboot your computer.

Now, again choose find album info and check again. It will show the old , providing correct album info.

5 thoughts on “Fix wrong find album info link in windows media player restore”

  1. This info is a waste of time, Microsoft pulled the plug on “” before this article was written. There is now no reliable musin album metadata service.

  2. Hi I have Windows 7 . I can’t find anything remotely similar in my registry. And i’ve tried the HOSTS file change to no avail. Can you possibly help me with this same problem? Thank you

  3. I followed this procedure but still am directed to I checked the PREFERREDMETADATAPROVIDER field after reboot and the field is still blank (pmpMusicMatch is gone). How can I get directed to Should I put in the PREFERREDMETADATAPROVIDER field?

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