Fix Wireless Mouse not Working on Windows 10 / 11 [Solved]

Sometimes working on Windows OS could be troublesome when the wireless mouse which you have bought recently does not work properly. It might move erratically, might not be detected by the OS or even stop working after sometime.

However, there is no need to panic regarding this issue. We bring to you some methods which would be able to fix any of the problems you have regarding this matter.

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Initial Fixes: –

  1. Try connecting your mouse USB receiver in another port of your laptop or PC. In a Desktop, try putting them in the ports which are behind the system since they usually have more power than the rest of the ports.
  2. Try replacing the batteries of the wireless mouse and also check that you have put in the compatible batteries too.
  3. Make sure that the connection is made properly. Unplug the receiver from the USB port and before plugging it again into the system, wait for 10 seconds.
  4. Try plugging in the Receiver to a different PC or laptop, if the problem happens to stay on the same system whatsoever. If the problem still retains on the second computer too, then the Wireless Mouse must have a defect. Contacting the manufacturer might be of some help thus.

Method 1: Disabling the Fast Startup Option

Fast startup option seems to be significant reason for the wireless mouse not working on your system. You could try disabling it and thus check again whether the problem retains or not.

  • Press Windows key + R together to open run. Write powercfg.cpl in it and click OK.Powercfg Cpl 1 Min


  • Now that Power Options is open, select “Choose what the power buttons do” from the left hand side of the window (the options under Control Panel home)


  • A new window called System settings will open. Click on Change settings that are currently unavailable;



This last category will have what you need. Simply uncheck the checkbox under this category that says “Turn on fast startup (recommended)”.


turn off fast startup


Step 5: Restart you PC or laptop for the changes to take place. All of the drivers which are currently installed on your system would be freshly made to run again on booting up of the system. Therefore, your PC might need a longer amount of time to startup.

By default, Fast Startup is enabled on Windows 10, so if and when you feel like reverting to using Fast Startup, just check the checkbox again.

Method 2: Reinstalling the driver of the wireless mouse

The most common method you could apply when the wireless mouse does not work is but reinstalling its driver.

Below mentioned are the step in doing so efficiently.

Step 1: On the Keyboard press Windows Key X and select the option Device Manager.


Step 2: Click on the option which says Mice and other Pointing Devices. Right click on the preferred input device of your choice and  click on the option which says Update Driver.


Step 3: Click on the option Browse my computer for driver software.



Step 4: Click on  Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.


Update Mouse Driver Min


Step 5: Un-check the option for Show Compatible hardware. Make a selection from the given devices in the list. Click Next in order to move on to the next step


Sdsdd Min



Step 6: Click on Yes to continue.


Img 58ca425d86982


Step 7: For the changes to take place you would be required to restart your PC accordingly.

Step 8: Once the restart completes, repeat all of the steps above until you reach to this window. Check on the box which says Show Compatible hardware. Select the correct driver for your system and Click Next to continue.



Step 9: Upon finishing of the installation process, update the Wireless Driver for your mouse through Device Manager. Restart your computer again in order to make the following changes to your system. Check if the problem still stays or not.

9 thoughts on “Fix Wireless Mouse not Working on Windows 10 / 11 [Solved]”

  1. Hooray! followed your instructions “Method 1: Disabling the Fast Startup Option” and so far it’s kept working after the reboot. I thought the wireless mouse was bad but even plugging a wired one it was clearly not just a driver issue. Thank you thank you thank you.

  2. After (painfully as the mouse wasn’t working!) scrolling through countless Microsoft “help” pages and sites which only offered “Turn off and on” type solutions your first method “Disabling the Fast Startup Option” seems to be working a treat. Many thanks for this.

  3. This simple fix worked for me. Unplug both USB wireless mouse receivers and plug them back into DIFFERENT USB interfaces.
    I use a heavily-loaded HP Z220 workstation with two mismatched wireless mice and two keyboards. After installing Feature Update for Windows 10 Version 21H1, neither of my USB wireless mice worked. Their category didn’t even appear in Device Manager. When I unplugged their USB receivers and moved them to different USB ports, Windows 10 “discovered” the “new” hardware and loaded the appropriate device drivers. After several hours of middle of the night angst, easy-peasy.

  4. I was extremely frustrated with my malfunctioning mouse. So pleased I found your article. Turning of the quick startup solved my issue. Thanks!

  5. I did that and it still don’t do it the box is already checked I just don’t know that my mouse is working perfect I downloaded Windows 10 and now it’s not working at all and it’s a brand new mail saver brother that being wrong so I bought a new one and it still doesn’t work but if I look at the mouse on the startup it says that is working perfectly thank you for your time if you could solve this I would appreciate it very much

  6. Thank you so much i have tried reinstalling the driver but didn’t work. But after visiting the page, I tried turning of the quick startup. It worked.

  7. Thank you so much i have tried reinstalling the driver but didn’t work. But after visiting the page, I tried turning of the quick startup. It worked. Thank you again.

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