Fix – Video driver crashed and was reset in Windows 11,10 [SOLVED]

Many Windows users have reported a problem related to the graphics card triggered when you open any high-resolution videos or games. The error message that the users received is stated below.

Video driver crashed and was reset! Make sure your drivers are up to date. Exiting…

This is causing a serious issue since it is not allowing the users to open any good games on their system.

We have been digging into this problem and finding out the solutions and reasons as to why this is happening all of a sudden. The outdated video driver and changes that were done to the registry file could be the potential reasons for this error.

Don’t fret if you are also experiencing this issue on your system. Here are a bunch of troubleshooting ideas in this article which will help you in fixing the issue and resume with the game or video without any error.

Fix 1 – Update the Video Graphics Driver

Sometimes, outdated graphics drivers can cause above mentioned problem in the system related to high-resolution videos or games. If this is the case, it can be resolved by simply updating the graphics driver using the device manager on your system.

Here are the steps on how to update your video driver.

Step 1: Open the device manager window on your system by first opening the Run box by pressing the Windows and R keys together.

Step 2: Then type devmgmt.msc in the textbox and hit Enter key.


Devmgmt Device Manager Min


Step 3: This will open the device manager window.

Step 4: Now go to the Display adapters option and expand it by double-clicking on it.

Step 5: Then right-click on the graphics driver and select Update driver from the context menu as shown in the below image.


Update Video Driver 11zon


Step 6: Next, click Search automatically for drivers option from the list in the window that popped up.


Search Automatically For Drivers 11zon


Step 7: Wait till it updates your graphics driver.

Step 8: Once done, close the device manager and restart your system to see if this worked.

Fix 2 – Install the latest version of the Graphics driver

If updating the graphics driver did not work, uninstalling the current version of the graphics card and then downloading the newest version from its manufacturer’s website and installing it on the system, will do the trick!

Follow the detailed steps given below on how to do it.

Step 1: Press the Win+X keys together on your keyboard and then press the M key, which opens the Device Manager on your system.

Step 2: Once the device manager opens, expand the Display adapters option by double-clicking on it.

Step 3: Then, right-click on the graphics device and click Uninstall device from the context menu.


Uninstall Video Driver 11zon


Step 4: This will start uninstalling the graphics device from your system.

Step 5: After it gets uninstalled, close the device manager window and restart PC

Fix 3 – Run the Video Playback troubleshooter

Windows has introduced some new additional troubleshooters along with its standard troubleshooter. It includes video playback as well.

So we recommend the users try running the video playback troubleshooter as explained using the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Run box by pressing the Windows and R keys on the keyboard.

Step 2: Then, type control.exe /name Microsoft.Troubleshooting and press Enter key.


Run Command Control.exe Name Microsoft.troubleshooting Enter


Step 3: This will open the page called Troubleshoot on the system.

Step 4: Now select Other troubleshooters from the list as shown below.


Other Troubleshooters 11zon (1)


Step 5: Scroll down this page to the Video Playback and click its Run button to start troubleshooting.


Video Playback Run 11zon


Step 6: Perform the on-screen instructions to troubleshoot the video playback and fix it using them.

Fix 4 – Increase the Timeout Detection and Recovery Delay

Some windows users have claimed to have resolved this issue by increasing the TDR delay in the registry file using the registry editor and it worked for them. We are guiding here with the steps on how to do it.

Before proceeding with this fix, we request the users to back up the registry file by referring to this article.

Step 1: Press the Windows + R keys and type regedit and press Enter key.


1 Run Regedit Min


Step 2: Accept the UAC prompt to continue.

Step 3: Now go to the GraphicsDrivers registry key by copy-pasting the below path in the address bar and pressing Enter.


Step 4: Now right-click on the GraphicsDrivers and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value from the context menu as shown in the image below.


Create Tdrdelay 11zon


Step 5: Rename this newly created dword value to TdrDelay and double-click on it.

Step 6: Change its value to 8 and click OK as shown below.


Set Tdrdelay To 8 11zon


Step 7: Once these changes are done, close the registry editor and restart the system once.