How to fix Corrupt EPUB files on Windows 10/11

EPUB is the most popular and most used e-book format right now. It is supported by a large number of programs and can be read through almost all devices. However, EPUB file corruption is a common error many users face. If you are not able to read your favorite e-book due to file corruption, we have found out some solutions that will help you out. Follow these methods to get your corrupted EPUB file back.


Method 1 – Extract and archive Epub file again


EPUB files one type of archived folder that contains different text files, stylesheets and pictures. You need to extract the EPUB file and then archive again to solve the issue of file corruption. An archiver program like 7-zip is required for this procedure so if you don’t have one, download that before going to steps below. 


STEP 1: Right-click on your EPUB file, click on the 7-zip option, and then select extract here. Your single epub file will be converted into a number of different files. I would advise you to do this in the folder where there is no other file than your corrupted file. Otherwise, the next step will harder for you to execute.

Extract Ebook


STEP 2: Select all the files you just extracted (Number of files depends upon the length and chapters of the book), right-click and select add to archive option from 7-zip menu.


Archieve Ebook


STEP 3: In the Add to Archive window, type your filename with epub extension in the text box and the select archive format as zip. Click Ok, a new epub file will be created in the same folder. 

Epub Archieve 7zip


You have archived the EPUB file again Now, Again try to extract it somewhere else and it should work fine now.

Method 2 – Convert File

This might sound absurd but converting your EPUB file to epub file helps many people overcome EPUB file corruption errors. We will use calibre software to convert the files. Calibre is software built specifically for converting normal books into e-books. So it makes your file readable to all e-books readers with just one-click conversion. First, download the calibre e-book management software and then follow these steps.


STEP 1:  Add your file to the library by clicking the add books button on the left side. After successfully importing the file, you will see the book name in the library section.

STEP 2: Select your book and click on Convert books, select output format as epub and click on Ok.  


Epub File Convert


Wait for some time to finish the conversion and then check that file corruption is solved or not. Alternatively, you can also convert your epub file into PDF format.


Method 3 – Use an alternate EPUB reader

Sometimes due to glitch or bugs, some files are not able to able on certain e-book reader software. You can try changing your reading software if this the case. There are many good free and paid software is available for epub files.

Some of the great epub readers for Windows are Calibre, Sumatra PDF. Also, there are tons of Google chrome extensions that can also do the job. To read on tablets and smartphones you can use Amazon Kindle or Kobo books applications.

We have covered all possible methods to fix the EPUB file corruption issue, write to us in comments if you have any suggestion or feedback.