How to merge or combine RAR files in Windows 11/10

Merging or combining two or multiple RAR files definitely helps users to deliver compressed information while maintaing a compete integrity. But, merging RAR files (or, even any compressed file) is not as easy as the regular size files. So, we have taken account of this and shown 3 best and easiest ways to combine the RAR files in Windows without losing a single bit of data in the process.

How to merge or combine RAR files in Windows 11

We have used the WinRAR, as it is the official tool that can create RAR files.

Thes three methods of merging or combining RAR files are –

1. Merge the archives

2. Extract, join and re-compress the archive

3. Add the RAR file into an archive

Method 1 – Merge the archives

You can merge the archives directly from the WINRAR.

Step 1 – Make sure both the RAR files are present in the same directory.

Step 2 – If that’s not the case, you have to move those to a single folder (doesn’t need to empty).

Step 3 – Next, open the WinRAR on your system.


winrar min


Step 4 – Tap the arrow button and use that to reach the location where the archive files are located.


arrow sign to go back min


Step 5 – Select the files after getting into there and right-click the selected archives.

Step 6 – Tap the “Add archives” to start the creation of a new archive.


add files to archive min


Step 7 – Now, you can give the final compressed file a name and choose the location to store the file.

Step 8 – Additionally, you can choose the format of the file (RAR, ZIP, RAR4) and click “OK“.


archive format min


This way, you can merge or combine RAR files into a single entity.


Method 2 – Include the RAR file into an archive

You can merge a RAR file into an already existing archive file using the WinRAR wizard function.

Step 1 – Launch the WinRAR app and reach the location of the file that you want to merge.

Step 2 – Just choose the RAR file that you want to merge and use the “Wizard” function.


selec the archive file min


Step 3 – Next, choose the “Add files to already existing archive” mode and tap “Next“.


add files to already min


Step 4 – Now go ahead and select the another RAR file that you want to merge it to the original RAR file. Tap “OK” to complete the selection process.


compress ok min


Step 5 – Tap “Next” on the next screen to reach the final step.


next min


Step 6 – Finally, tap “Finish” to complete the process of merging.


finish min


This is the easiest way of merging the RAR files together using the WinRAR wizard.


Method 3 – Extract the files and merge them

Extract the RAR files into an empty files and re-compress them into a new RAR file.

Step 1 – Extract the first RAR file into an empty folder.


extract 1st min


Step 2 – Then, extract the second one in the same folder as you have done the first.


second one min


Step 3 – Select all the files together and choose “WinRAR Archive>” and select the “Add to archive…” to compress all the files into a new archive.


add to archive min


Step 4 – Give a name to the archive and save it in the desired location.


combined RAR min


This way, you can merge or combine RAR files very easily.