Fix Can’t see Hard Drive on Windows 10

If you are Unable to see your hard drive, you are not alone as many users have reported this Problem in Windows 10 as they are unable to find their hard disk drive when they open the file explorer. If you have checked that your hard drive is well connected and everything is Ok from the hardware front, lets fix this problem in one go.

Can Not See Hard Drive



Step 1 – Right click on your start button.

Step 2 – Now, Click on Disk management.


Disk Management



Step 3 – Once the Disk Management Opens Up, you will find there are two Disks Listed. One of them will have their Top bar as Blue. That will be the drive which is being shown once you Open the file explorer. The Disk having top bar as Black is not being shown, and is hidden.


Disk Management Black Blue Min



Step 3 – Right Click On the Disk with Black header and Click on New Simple Volume


New Simple Volume


Step 4 – Choose Next.

Step 5 – Leaving all the things to default. Choose again Next.

Step 6 – Now, You can name your Hard Drive here.


Name Your Drive Min


Step 7 – Finally Click Finish.

Bingo! You just solved your Problem.

4 thoughts on “Fix Can’t see Hard Drive on Windows 10”

  1. THANK YOU!!, I was able to see the HDD in the device manager and not in the disks area. I forgot that since my disks are new I needed to format it haha.

  2. This will also format whatever drive you do this too. Do not do this if you have data you need.

  3. What if the New Simple Volume option is greyed out. I am an Administrator but I can’t seem to get this to work

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