Fix Add someone else to this PC link is greyed out in Windows 10/11

Computers have provisions to add accounts for multiple users so more than one person could access it while not interfering with each other’s accesses. Usually, every system would have 2 accounts: administrator and guest.

Some users are complaning that while trying to add a user account in windows 10 they see that Add someone else to this PC link is greyed out.

Link Greyed Out


Since the option itself is not available, we cannot add more accounts. Obviously, we have to verify that we are logged in to the system as administrator, but it may have more reasons. Try the following troubleshooting solutions one by one to fix the issue:


Solution 1] Using NETPLWIZ

1] Press Win + R to open the Run window. Type the command netplwiz to open the User accounts window.

Add User Account



2] Click on the Add button to add the account. However, this method would require mentioning the domain. Consult your Network administrator for the same.

Note: The options differ for users who wish to sign in through their Microsoft account and those who wish to sign in through the local account, the former being the easier one.

Solution 2] Disconnect the internet temporarily

Try to add an user account while disconnected to the internet. Either unplug the network cable or disconnect wifi or disable LAN and try again.

Solution 2] Enable inbuilt admin account

1. Search cmd in windows 10 search box.

2. Right click on CMD icon and run as administrator.

Run Cmd Admin Min


3. Now, copy the command given below and paste it in command prompt window and hit enter key to execute it.

net user administrator /active: yes

Now, close the command prompt window and click on start button and then click on your User profile icon and select Administrator to log in via this newly built admin account.

The password will be the same as admin account.

Admin Login

Solution 5] Update Windows

Updating Windows updates everything from associated drivers to security options. Thus, a lot of possible causes behind this issue could be solved with a simple Windows update. Here is the procedure to update Windows.

Hope it helps!

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  1. Another issue/”fix”, particular to HP: On configuring a brand new HP laptop, Windows 10 Pro, I eventually found out that the HP “App” that prevents fraud on online forms etc, was greying out Windows user account settings options. I’m sorry, I’m on the wrong computer, so not sure of the exact name, but if I don’t post now, it might not happen !

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