Fix: ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED Error in Google Chrome on Windows 11 / 10

Google Chrome is one of the most extensively used browsers preferred by Windows users but has some issues of its own that can be annoying at times. One such error is ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED that is being reported by users when they try to launch any webpage in Chrome. The error message displayed to the users is:

This site can’t be reached

The webpage might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


When the site you are trying to access doesn’t support SSLv3 (Secure Socket Layer) this error can be raised to the user. Other reasons for this error may be the extensions in Chrome, access being blocked by the firewall of the system, or the site may be temporarily down.

If you are one such user being troubled by this error, you have landed on the right article. Here, we have curated a list of solutions that can help you overcome this error in Google Chrome. Before trying the fixes below, try disabling your third-party antivirus software and check if the problem can be resolved.


Fix 1 – Disable SSLv3 in Chrome


1. Locate the Google Chrome shortcut on your desktop.

2. Right-click on it and choose Properties.


Google Chrome Properties Min


3. In the Properties window, go to the Shortcut tab.

4. In the text box associated with Target, add a space after the last quotation and type –ssl-version-min=tls1

5. Click on Apply and then on OK to save the changes.


Chrome Properties Add Target Ssl Version As Tls1 Min


6. Now reset your router (switch off, wait for one minute, and then switch it on) after disabling SSLv3 and check if the issue is fixed.


Fix 2 – Perform an SFC (System File Checker)  and DISM Scan


1. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog.

2. Type cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open Command Prompt as Administrator.


Run Command Prompt Min


3. Enter the command below and execute it.

sfc /scannow

4. Wait for the scan to check and repair any corrupted system files that may be the cause of the error.


Sfc Scan Command Prompt Min


5. Restart your system.

6. If the issue still persists, then again open the Command Prompt as administrator.

7. Type the command below and hit Enter to execute it.

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

8. Wait for the scan to finish and resolve any issues if present.


Dism Scan Command Prompt Min


9. Reboot your PC and check if this has helped resolve the error in Chrome.


Fix 3 – Reset the Browser


1. Launch Google Chrome.

2. Type chrome://settings in the address bar and press Enter.


Chrome Settings Address Bar Min


3. In the Settings left pane, click on Advanced.

4. Select the option Reset and clean up.


Chrome Settings Advanced Reset Cleanup Min


5. On the right side, click on Restore settings to their original defaults.


Chrome Reset Restore Default Settings Min


6. When the reset confirmation window pops up, click on the Reset settings button.


Chrome Confirm Reset Min


7. Wait for the reset to complete.

8. Relaunch Chrome and check if the problem is solved.


Fix 4 – Uninstall Latest Windows Update


1. Just hold the Windows and R keys together to open Run.

2. Type ms-settings:windowsupdate to get to the Windows Update page.


Run Ms Settings Windows Update Min


3. On the Windows Update page, click on Update history.


Windows Update History Min


4. Here you will see the different updates that have taken place.

5. Click on Uninstall updates in the Related settings section.


Windows Updates Uninstall Min


6. In the Installed updates window that appears, right-click on the latest update and choose Uninstall.


Select And Uninstall Update Min


7. Wait for the uninstallation process to complete.

8. Reboot your computer and check if this helped fix the error.


Fix 5 – Reinstall Chrome


1. Open the Run dialog using Windows and R keys.

2. Type ms-settings:appsfeatures to open Apps & features.


Ms Settings Apps Features Min


3. Locate Google Chrome in the list of installed apps.

4. Click on the three vertical dots associated with Chrome and select Uninstall.


Google Chrome Uninstall Min


5. Click on Uninstall again when prompted. Wait for the uninstallation process to complete.


Chrom Confirm Uninstall Min


6. Go to the Google Chrome Official download page using this link.

7. Click on the Download Chrome button to download the latest version of Chrome.


Click Download Chrome Min


8. Once the download completes, double-click on the installer to start the Chrome installation process.

9. After Chrome is installed again, check if the problem is solved.


That’s it!

You will now be able to open any website using Google Chrome without seeing the ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED error. Comment and let us know the fix that worked for you.