How to build Electronic Signature in MS Word

Today, most of the contracts, documents are sent online. Hence, electronic signatures are much needed. Having the soft copy of your signature and being able to add that signature to any document becomes really important.

This article lets us explore different ways of generating the signature and also look at editing the signature and saving it for further use.

Method 1: Drawing your signature using the mouse

Step 1: Open the document in Microsoft Word

Step 2: From the top menu, click on the Draw tab. If you are able to see the Draw tab, go to Step 8. If not follow the below steps.

Step 3: Click on any of the top menu options like Home, Insert, design except File

Step 4: Right-click anywhere on the ribbon

Step 5: From the context menu, choose to Customise the Ribbon



Customise Ribbon



Step 6: In the Word options window that opens, from the right-hand side section, tick on the Draw option

Step 7: Click on the OK button



Tick On Draw Min



Step 8: Now, Click on the Draw menu at the top.



Draw Menu Option



Step 9: Click on Draw again in the sub-menu as shown below and then Choose the pen to draw from

Step 10: Click on the downward arrow and choose the thickness of the pen

Step 11: Optionally, in the same menu, you can also choose the color of your choice



Draw Options



Step 12: Draw your signature carefully. After drawing your signature, let’s say it looks like follows



Signature Edit 1



Step 13: Evidently, the signature looks too big. To change the size of the signature with the same aspect ratio, click on the signature. Then press the Shift button and then use the corner pointer (refer to the below image) to increase or decrease the size.



Signature Edit 2


Step 14: Click on the signature and move it to the required position. After doing that, the signature should look like follows



Signature Drawn Final



Step 15: You can save the signature and the description below it for future use. To do so, follow the below steps

Step 16: Select the contents that you want to be used in the future as shown below

Step 17: From the top menu, click on the Insert tab

Step 18: From the right-hand corner, click on Quick parts

Step 19: From the drop-down, click on Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery



Save The Signature Min



Step 20: In the Create New Building Block window that opens, give a suitable name and press the Ok button



Anusha Geekpage Signature Save



Step 21: Whenever you plan to use it, just click on Insert–> Quick Parts, select the required signature from the list.



Acessing Signature From Quick Parts


Method 2: Taking a picture of the Signature

Step 1: Using a pen sign on a crease-free paper and then take a clear picture of the same using a camera/phone camera

Step 2: Transfer that image to the computer, either by physical transfer or mail, one-drive, or any sharing means.

Step 3: Open the Microsoft Word document, where you plan to use it

Step 4: Click on Insert from the top menu. Then click on Pictures

Step 5: From the drop-down, click on This Device



Insert Picture This Device



Step 6: Browse to the location of the file and click on the image file

Step 7: Now, you will be able to see the image on the word document

Step 8: The image will be very big in size and might fit on the whole page. So, crop only the required part from it

Step 9: To crop the image, right-click on the image and then choose crop as shown below





Step 10: Trim the unnecessary parts and keep only the signature

Step 11: If required rotate the image using rotating arrow option shown below



Rotate Signature




Step 12: Double picture on the picture, to see a Picture Format menu at the top

Step 13: From the menu, click on Color and then choose Black and white 50% or Black and White 75% or Set Transparent Color

Note that each image is different. Choose the color effect that suits you the best.


Pic Format Min




  • If you notice that the sign is not clear with the above options, click on Artistic Effects and then choose Photocopy. Now repeat step 13 and press Ctrl+S

Step 15: You can see that the image being processed as shown below



Signature Sample Edited


Step 16: Evidently, the size of the signature needs to be reduced. To change the size of the signature with the same aspect ratio, click on the signature. Then press the Shift button and then use the corner pointer (refer to the below image) to increase or decrease the size.



Shift Plus Arrow Key



Step 17: As seen in the above image, the signature would have a white background. This would fit in all the documents that have a white background.

Step 18: Let’s say the document has some other color as the background, then the sign would look as follows



Background Color



Step 19: In cases like this, double-click on the image. You can see the Picture Format menu

Step 20: Click on Remove background



Picture Format Remove Bacground



Step 21: You can see a pink area surrounding the signature. Everything in pink will be removed. Everything in pitch black color will be kept.



Sample Background Removal Min



Step 22: As seen in the image above, the whole signature is not in pitch black color.

Step 23: Select Mark Areas to Keep option from the Background Removal menu at the top and then click on the signature area.



Mark Areas To Keep



Step 24: Please zoom the page and then start clicking on the signature area. On clicking on the area you should see that some portion of the sign around that area turning pitch black as shown below



Editing Min



Step 25: Repeat the same process till the entire signature is in pitch-black color as shown below



Sign In Pitch Black Min



Step 23: As seen in the image above, some of the portions are white in color. We have to eliminate that. To do so, click on Mark Areas to Remove from the top menu and then click on the white area. Again, it is better to zoom the page and then start clicking on the signature area.

Step 24: Once, all the necessary changes are done, click on the Keep Changes button



Final Signature Min



Step 25: The Signature will look as follows



Signature Without Background




Step 17: If you want to save this image (just the signature image), you can do so. Just right click on that image and choose Save as Picture from the context menu



Save As Picture



Step 18: If you want to save the Sign and description for later use, then follow steps 17-21 from Method 1.

Method 3: Signing from the touchpad in the Phone

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word on your Phone

Step 2: Open blank document

Step 3: Click on the Home, a pop-up menu shows up,  choose Draw


Draw Option Min



Step 4: Using the touchpad, draw your signature.

Step 5: Save the document

Step 6: Share the document to your laptop using email or one drive or any means of your choice.

Step 7: Repeat steps 12 to 21 from Method 1.


That’s All.

We hope this article has been informative. Thank you for reading.

Please comment and let us know which of the above methods helped you. Also, kindly comment and let us know if you are facing any issues, we will be glad to help.