Useful Voice Commands for Voice Typing in Windows 11

Windows 11 takes a modern approach in the new revamped voice typing features with many noteworthy changes. But if you want to use this feature to the full extent, you have to know certain voice commands. Like – What to say if you want to select a set of particular words? Or, how to move the cursor to the end of a particular text unit? This article gives a list of useful voice commands and their functionality, alongside the command to use symbols while voice-typing.


Some advanced voice commands for Voice Typing in Windows 11

Here we have given a table of a few useful voice commands to enhance your Voice Typing skills. Memorize them or bookmark this page to use them often.

Delete the most recent dictation result or currently selected text Delete that


Strike that

How to remove a particular word from the sentence Delete “word/ remove word
Select a specific word or phrase Select “word
How to select a recently dictated word Select that
Move the cursor to the first character before a specified word or phrase  Go to the start of the “word 
How to clear a text selection done recently Clear the selection


unselect that

Move the cursor to the start of a text unit Go before that


move to the start of that

How to put the cursor to the end of a unit of text Go after “word“/ move after “word


go to the end of that; move to the end of paragraph

Place the cursor backward by a unit of text Move back to the previous “word


go up to the previous paragraph

How to move the cursor to the first character before a particular word Select the <next three words>


Select the <previous two paragraphs>

Place the cursor to the first character after a particular word or phrase Go after that; move after “word


Go to the end of the paragraph; move to the end of that

Move the cursor forward to the next word/ paragraph Move forward to the “next word


Go down to the <next paragraph>

Moves the cursor to the end of a text unit Move to the end of the “word


Go to the end of the paragraph


In all the commands, “word” or “next word” represents the particular word or the word next to it, respectively where you want to place your cursor.
Example –

This is the GeekPage

Suppose you have to remove the article “the” from the sentence. So, you have to command the Voice Typing tool this way –

Remove the

Or, in the same sentence,  suppose you want to put your cursor after “GeekPage“, the command should be –

Go after GeekPage

How to use voice commands to input various symbols

Using symbols while using the Voice Typing tool is not well known to the users. Even if you know the particular name of a symbol, you have to know the actual voice command to get the job done. So, we have given a list of symbols along with their voice commands.

@ At sign
# Pound sign; number sign
$ Dollar sign
% Percent sign
^ Caret
& And sign; ampersand
* Asterisk
( Open parenthesis


left parenthesis

) Close parenthesis


right parenthesis

_ Underscore
Hyphen; minus sign
~ Tilde
\ Backslash
/ Forward slash
, Comma
. Period; full stop
; Semicolon
Open single quote; begin single quote


close single quote; close single quote


end single quote

= Equal sign
: Colon
? Question mark
[ Open bracket

or, open square bracket


left bracket


left square bracket

] Close bracket


right bracket

{ Open curly brace


left curly brace


left curly bracket

} Close curly brace; close curly bracket; right curly brace; right curly bracket
+ Plus sign
< Open-angle bracket


left angle bracket


less than sign

> Close angle bracket


right angle bracket


greater than sign

Open quotes


close quotes