Fix Error: DNS Server Not Responding in windows 10

While trying to connect  to the internet, sometimes you may have failed. Then troubleshooting to find the cause will be the next step. After the troubleshooting sometimes you may get this error message saying ‘DNS server not responding’.


This is a common error. First let’s see what is a DNS server. A DNS Server is Domain Name Server. It translates the URL we provide for searching a particular page into the actual address of the web page. It resolves the physical address  into IP address.

We can try to solve this problem by different methods. First of all when you get this error try to access the internet from a different browser. Sometimes this can help you. If this did not help you, then we can try changing the DNs server address. For that follow these steps:

  1. Open the Network and Sharing center. For that navigate to control panel->Network and Internet->Network and Sharing Center.

opening_network and sharing ceneter

Alternatively you can access Network and Sharing center by right clicking on the Network icon on the taskbar.

2. Now choose adapter settings from the side menu.

adapter settings

3. This will give you a list of the available network adapters in the system . From them right click on the adapter you are using to connect to the internet now and choose properties option.


4.Now in the networking tab choose ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’.

selecting IPV4 properties

5. Now you can see  the properties dialogue box showing the properties of IPV4. Here you need to change some properties. Select ‘use the following DNS address’ option. Now  fill the following fields as given here.

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server :

This is an available Open DNS address. You can also choose from other free available DNS Servers.


You can also  google DNS server addresses from the internet.

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server :


After filling these fields. Check the ‘validate settings upon exit’ option. Now click OK.


You have to add this DNS server address in the  router configuration also by referring the router manual for more information.

Now try to connect to the internet. If this also didn’t work we can try some more methods.

More Methods

1. Now let’s change the address in the physical adapter settings. For this open the command prompt and type ‘ipconfig/all’. Now look for your network adapter and note the physical address of  the connection.

change physical address in network adapter

2.  Go to start and type ‘NCPA.CPL’. Then right click on your adapter and go to properties. Select configure option.


3. Now in the advanced tab select ‘Network Address’. Select the ‘value’ button and enter the physical address noted earlier. Click OK and reboot the system.

change network address

This may resolve your problem. If not then we can try to power cycle the router. For this just unplug the router from the power source and the computer. Leave it like that for about a minute. Then plug in again and try to access the web.

Flush DNS

Another method you can try is to flush the DNS stored in your computer. This clears the DNS data int the cache memory.For this open the command prompt and type ‘ipconfig/flushdns’.

flush dns

Some other remedies are to disable  any extra connection in the system. This can be checked from the adapter settings in network and sharing center. Also you can try to connect to the internet in safe mode.

These remedies may be able to resolve this error. Hope you got your problem solved.

5 thoughts on “Fix Error: DNS Server Not Responding in windows 10”

  1. Hi Himen
    dont work i have exactly same symptoms from reading around i reckon this is a known win 10 iussue – they just need to get busy AND FIX THIS MICROSOFT

  2. I have upgraded my laptop Window 8 to Windows 10. I connect my Mobiles and Laptop to Home Wifi Network. I use Idea Broadband (City : Ahmedabad ) With TP-link Wifi Router. Internet Connection is working fine on my Mobile and It is stable. But in My laptop (Windows 10) connection is not stable. In the notification area it’s show connected and Internet Access there, but whenever I use browser, It gives No Internet or No Connection Error on Browser, but Same time Internet Connection is working fine on my mobile. I did troubleshoot, and found DNS Server is not responding. SO I Reboot the Wifi Router. After Reboot Internet Connection works fine on Windows 10 for some time, and it’s lost connection on windows 10. I got confused, What could be the reason.

    I also tried your method. Suggest me anything missing.


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