Top 14 Best Coupon sites 2016 having Maximum deals

Best Coupon Websites: – Are you low on money and still want to enjoy a good package holiday? Do you wish to save money on grocery, apparels, etc.? Want to look out for best deals and offers on electronic gadgets? Coupon website is the solution to your every need.
Coupon Websites are those platforms that help you find various deals and offers with variety of product coupon codes to help you save a great deal of money. You also have the option to utilize cash-back functionality. All you need to do is use Visa or Credit cards approved by the websites and you are good to go.
Nowadays, retailers promote various deals and coupons for their products on such websites to influence buying behavior of customers. These coupon websites allows you to access best manufacturer coupons directly put up on sale. You can also save your money by availing discounts with the help of deals provided on the websites for restaurants, weekend getaways, local attraction destinations, etc.
Below are some of the best coupon websites to help you save great amount of money and purchase products of your choice.

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RetailMeNot tops the chart of popular coupon websites worldwide for its presence in online shopping website category. RetailMeNot also has a strong appeal for its mobile and in-store solutions, which help you to avail excessive discounts to save more than expected. It is definitely a one-stop solution for discounts and offers available.
The company offers exceptional web service with more than 500,000 exclusive offers for you to shop from. The website has a very user friendly interface, which helps you to locate your desired deals and offers in particular categories and provides you hassle-free shopping experience.
The company’s website lets you explore offers from around 65000 different retailers like Eddie Bauer, Macys’, BananaRepublic and many more retailers category-wise. RetailMeNot offers unique “Coupon Clippers” feature, which helps you to utilize physical coupons while shopping thus maximizing your satisfaction. This is an excellent money saver feature if you are an extreme coupon user and bulk buyer, as the time to search for coupons in minimized, and you can take advantage of current deals.
RetailMeNot website offers daily updates on the deals and offers in different categories. It offers you coupons that can be used in around 130,000 local and online shopping destinations, and thus, offer you a wide variety of options to choose from to save money.
The website comes with coupon codes and printable coupons that can be shown directly at different stores. RetailMeNot provides free-shipping services for the products purchased online. The website lists the coupons in such a way that it is easy for you to find deals and offers on the basis of product codes success rate. It uses ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ functionality to rate coupons using user reviews.
To promote its in-store solutions and offers, RetailMeNot uses geo-fencing and push notifications strategy to attract customers nearby the store locations via its mobile application. This helps you to know ongoing offer at the store, and plan out your shopping accordingly. This application also helps you to find coupons for a particular category, even if you are offline.

coupons-min is the next best coupon website that offers a wide range of deals and offers to suit your needs. Want to buy grocery for your home with the lowest price possible? Or want to find deals for getaways, resorts, food, spas to make your trip even more economical? Visit to browse offers on various products. website showcases the coupons on the basis of their product coupon codes with store loyalty coupons. It provides a very easy to use interface and helps you to browse through coupons at ease. If you want to save a coupon for later use, all you have to do is check the box provided on the coupon. This will help you to access and print all your checked coupons from your queue in a single click. offers around 394 grocery coupons to help you save on even smallest item. It offers coupons for almost every category like beverages, apparels, cosmetics, footwear and many more. The website offers best manufacturer coupons straight from the source brand, which is really a unique feature of
One of the unique features of this website is that it offers you various cash-back programs for online purchases made from your debit or credit cards. also has a mobile application for Android and iOS platforms.



Do you want to avail great offers and discounts on computer appliances and accessories, travel or even apparels? Opt for Slickdeals, which provides you with wide variety of options to choose from.
Slickdeals has a very easy website layout, which you can easily navigate through. The most interesting thing to note with the website is that you can browse through coupons via broad three categories, Deals, Coupons and Browse. Deals tab helps you to find deals according to your location. It also helps you to browse through popular current deals on the website, their coupon codes. The website also provides printable coupons that you can utilize at different retailers outlets.
Coupons tab provides you with the flexibility to search for coupons of your favorite stores like Walmart, Kmart, Best Buy, Target and many more. Last but not the least; Browse tab lets you find offers according to product category like travel, health & beauty, video games, etc. It also provides a link to various offers via ‘Hottest deal Threads’ with the help of which you can save a huge amount of money.
Slickdeals also has a Forum tab, which makes the coupon website stand out in the market. With this option, you can discuss about various coupons, even share your success reviews on different offers. The Forum functionality also allows you share deals and promo codes for various products on other websites, even before they are actually listed.



Groupon is the next best option you have to look out for different coupons and deals for various products offered by various retailers. Groupon provides you with great deals on daily basis with an expiry period. Browse through the website for deals and coupons in your nearby areas for restaurants, spas, food, travel, beauty and many more.
Groupon has a very easy to use interface that helps you to browse comfortably for various deals and offers. The website offers deals on various getaways destination, which actually makes Groupon standout in the coupon market.
One of the additional money-saver is that Groupon doesn’t provide the facility of printable coupons for free, which means you have to pay the immediately for the product or service with offered discount. This helps you to avoid extra fee required for printed version of coupons and thus save on money.
Once you are a registered member of the website, you will receive deals of the day via email. Also, you will receive coupons on your mail id, once you have purchased the product. You can then download the coupon and use it for yourself or even gift to someone else. You can also earn $10 if you refer Groupon’s service offerings to other people. Groupon also has websites for different international destinations other than United States.

The KrazyCouponLady


The KrazyCouponLady is one of the coupon websites that provides you extreme couponing with loads of great deals, offers and coupons. The website also features deals from other coupon websites like Groupon, etc. so that you can compare variety of offers and then finalize your purchase.
The KrazyCouponLady features different real time deals and coupons on its home page to help you save money. The website offers various coupons and deals for different categories like grocery, home, travel and many more. The website also offers coupons based on different products like bread coupons, shampoo coupons, etc. You can also browse through the website for deals and coupons from different retail stores like Amazon, Starbucks, JCPenney, ToysRUs and many more.
The KrazyCouponLady website provides extreme couponing tools like ideas and tips to save more money. You also have the freedom to visit the website’s wall of bragging titled ‘Brags’, where you can share your shopping success and disclose how you were able to master the art of couponing.
The website offers you the ability to save deals and coupons for later use. You can even search desired coupon or deal by typing the appropriate keywords.



Livingsocial is a coupon website that offers unique deals and offers with coupons as compared to other websites. With Livingsocial, you can find best offers in the market for weekend getaways, ethnic cuisine restaurants and short expeditions, treks to help you maximize your couponing experience.
Livingsocial has a very easy user interface that helps you to locate coupons and deals very easily. The website offers deal and coupon offers updates on a daily basis on the homepage for local US destinations and also for nearby countries. Livingsocial also offers you the freedom to browse through international brands with great offers. The website offers various categories to choose from like Local, Escapes, Shop and Coupons.
You can browse through the Local category to find deals for shows, events, classes and services in your residential area. Escapes tab help you to find deals for spas, beach hotels, family vacation destination, etc. With the help of Coupons section, you can browse through coupon codes for products under different categories like apparel, gifts, electronics and many more.
Recently, Livingsocial started a new promotional scheme, where you can gift a deal or coupon for free to your friend, if you opt to purchase any of the website’s coupon or deal with the help of Visa card. Livingsocial also has mobile application for Android and an iOS platform to help you finds deals and coupons at your convenience.



FatWallet is one of the best coupon websites that offers you great discounts and cash-back options to save a great amount of your money. It has tie-ups with around 25000 retailers and stores where you can easily utilize the coupon codes to avail discounts.
FatWallet has one of the best built-in price comparison engines that help you to find some of the best deals and offers over the web. You can also utilize FatWallet tools for reviews and instant alerts on new deals and coupons.
The website lists various stores under as ‘Cash-back stores’ with the help of which you can avail cash-back up to 10% more or less. The cash-back functionality helps you to earn discounts when you make purchases at various online stores. The website also offers you a Forum platform where you can discuss about various deals and coupons.

Brad’s Deals


Brad’s Deals is a great coupons website that gives you exclusive deals and coupons from online retailers. The website provides you with wide range of product and service options to choose from.
Brad’s Deals website has a very user friendly interface to navigate through various offers and discounts, category-wise or store-wise. The homepage of the website features two tabs titled ‘Newest deals’ and ‘Most popular deals’, with the help of which you can browse coupons and deals for products of your choice. Brad’s Deals consists of coupons made available exclusively for you from around 4000 retailers.
The website also allows you to save your favorite offers, stores and deals, which you can access later on before the actual purchase. If you have subscribed for Brad’s Deals newsletters, then promotional deals and offers will drop by through mails.
Brad’s Deals editors comes along with various shopping guides, and thus help you to look out for your favorite product related coupons and deals. Brad’s Deals bargains and discounts are one of the best amongst the various coupon websites.



Dealsplus is a coupon website that offers you best couponing and money saving experience. You can find some of the best deals, coupons and offers in the market via Dealsplus hassle-free. Dealsplus offers coupons and deals from more than 15000 stores, thereby providing you with best deal choices.
Dealsplus has a very easy to use interface where you have the freedom to customize your homepage after you sign up for the website. You can make sure that only those deals find place on you homepage that have been rated high by other Dealsplus users. You will also find Sunday circulars from your local cities, which will help you to find useful information on special offers like Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday deals, etc.
The website provides you with the option of printable coupons, which can be utilized at various stores physically to avail discounts. Dealsplus also offers coupons and deals under two sections namely, popular and fresh, to help you browse easily through variety of trending offers on the website.
The website also provides an online community forum where you can view discussions about various deals and also take part in them to share your views and comments on various bargains and thus rate the product or service. You can also follow other Dealsplus users to know what they are purchasing and thus saving money. You also have the ability to vote for a particular deal and submit your review.

Tech Bargains


Are you looking for some of the best coupons available for electronic gadgets? Tech Bargains is the one-stop solution for deals and offers in electronics side. You can avail great discounts on computer, laptops, cameras, television sets, mobile phones and many more electronics via Tech Bargains.
Even though the name suggest offers for electronic products, Tech Bargains offers deals on other categories of products too like Home appliances, health & beauty, furniture, etc.
Tech Bargains provides you with wide range of tools like its search engine that helps you to compare deals all over the web. You are also given access to the websites Hot Tip articles, which acts as an excellent shopping guide for you.
The website also offers you information about seasonal deals and offers like New-Year’s sale, Cyber week, Fall-sales, etc.



DealCatcher is the next best option that provides you with exceptional coupons and deals for various categories of products and services. The website provides deals and offers for clothing and accessories, household items, electronics and many more. DealCatcher gives you online coupons, deals, their reviews and also details on cash-back offers.
The website comes with an option of printable coupons which can be utilized at various stores. All you have to do is click the ‘View In-store coupons’ tab and you will find offers and deals from different stores. You can just download the coupons and use them the next time you visit the particular store. These coupons sure do come with an expiry date. So you will have to utilize them within the given time frame.
DealCatcher also has the facility of mobile application for Android and iOS platforms that helps you to access deals and coupons anywhere, anytime.


Ebates is a coupon website mostly known for its cash-back offering service. This is a website that offers back some money after every online purchase made with the help of its deals and coupons.
Ebates is an excellent discount offering website with the help of which you can earn up to 25% cash back maximum on your purchase price, only if you are a member. You also have the freedom to make purchases from other coupon websites like Groupon and earn bonus rewards.
The website is very user friendly and helps you to browse through the product categories with the deals and cash-back details very easily.
Ebates also comes with an excellent referral system. You can earn $5 for every referral friend you drive to the website. The only catch is that to earn the reward money, your friend should purchase products of atleast $25 in the specified period.

savingscom is a very popular coupon website with almost all the features under the sun to help you save your money. It provides you with great deals and offers with online coupon services to avail huge discounts on products of your choices. has a very attractive user interface that is very easy to navigate through. The homepage of the website features different sections like online coupons, featured coupons, amazing deals and in-store coupons, which makes your shopping experience even more fun. You can easily locate your favorite product or service and thus head straightaway to buy it. also consists of ‘DealPros,’ which is an extensive group of shopping experts, which provides you expert advice on various topics of managing your expenses and money-saving tips. So you will Pros guiding you well. You will also find articles that will help you master the art of couponing and tracking down deals, so that you spend your money wisely.
One interesting feature of the website is the tab ‘Favado’, which is a subsidiary company of Favado helps you to search for best grocery deals in the market and also compare them with other deals to reduce your overall grocery expenses.


Gottadeal is one of the many coupon websites that provides you with deals and coupons of wide range of products and services. You have the freedom to browse through the website, product category-wise or store-wise.
Gottadeal also provides an online forum, where discussions take place for currents deals. You can find posts that provide you with the information of best coupon codes, hot online deals, hot offline deals and many more. You can even take part in the forums to share your reviews about particular products.
Even if you miss out on deals and coupons for earlier time of the day, Gottadeal helps you track down such offers and purchase them.
Gottadeal has a mobile application for the Android as well as iOS platform that allows you to search deals and offers at your convenience.

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