Completely Hide a folder with single command line in Windows

In this article, i will show you how to completely hide a folder with a single command line, which no one can see even by checking the option “Show hidden files and folder”. This is a very beautiful trick, with which you can hide a folder completely and even a geek can not see it unless and until he knows your folder name. Isn’t it mind blowing.

Lets start and see how to do it.

Step 1: – First reach to the destination where the folder is kept.

Step 2: – Now, press shift key and while keeping it pressed, do a right click.

Step 3: – An option will appear in the context menu saying, open command prompt window here.


Step 4: – Now, click on it and command prompt window will open at this location.

Step 5: РNow,  write a simple code given below replacing foldername with the name of your folder.

attrib +s +h "foldername"


Step 6: – Do a refresh. Your folder is gone. Now , no one can unhide it.

Step 7: – To unhide the folder, just write the same code , just replacing – sign with + sign.

attrib -s -h "foldername"

Thats it. It will be shown again to you.

Now, one who do not know your folder name can not view it or unhide it.

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