How to make an Invisible Folder in Windows 10

Today i am going to show you, how to make an invisible folder in windows 10. A folder without any shape, size or color being shown. Although when you move your cursor over the folder, you can click on the folder and open it. Good for those who want to prank your friends or want to hide the folder from eyes without actually hiding the folder. So please follow the steps for making an invisible folder.

Step 1: – First of all right click on the folder and click on rename.

Step 2: – Now, click delete to delete the name of the folder.

Step 3: – Now, press Alt Key on your keyboard, and keep it pressed. Do not release it.

Step 4: – Now, press 255 from your num keys side of your keyboard.


Step 5 : – Now, press enter. You have just created a folder without any name.


Step 6: – Now, we will change the icon. Now, right click on the folder and click on properties.

Step 7: – Now, click on customize tab.

Step 8: – Now, click on change icon and choose an empty white space icon.


Thats it you have created an invisible icon.