How to Automatically Clear RAM cache Memory in Windows 10 / 11

The cache memory of RAM is a very small portion of the standard memory of your system, but the cache memory operates at a very high speed, allowing the applications/ programs to utilize its speed to run its users faster. But, sometimes due to memory leak or some bad exe files the amount of free cache memory can decrease, which eventually slows down your computer.

How to clear RAM cache memory using

1 – Download RAMMAP from Microsoft Official website

2 – Extract it on your PC.

3 – Now, Click on RAMMap to Run the program on your PC

4 – Now, click on Empty and then click on Empty Standby list.

Empty Standby List Min

Make your computer automatically clear RAM cache memory

Follow these easy steps to free cache memory on your system-

1. Download EmptyStandbyList on your computer.

2. Choose a particular place and then click on “Save” to save the application.


Save Empty Standby


Close the browser window.

3. Click on the Search box beside Windows icon and type “Task Scheduler“.

4. Click on “Task Scheduler” from the elevated Search result to open Task Scheduler.


Task Scheduler Search New


5. In the Task Scheduler window, on the right-hand side, click on “Create Task…“.


Create Task


6. In Create Task window, name the task “Cache Cleaner“.

7. Now, click on “Create User or Groups…“.


Cache Cleaner Name


8. Click on “Advanced“.




9. In Select User or Groups window, click on “Find Now“.

10. In the Search results: scroll down and then select “SYSTEM“.

11. Finally, click on “OK” to save the changes.


System Ok


12. Now, click on “OK” to save the changes.


Adv Ok


13. Coming back to Create Task window, check the option “Run with highest privileges“.

14. Click on the drop-down beside ‘Configure for:’ and select “Windows 10“.


Run With Highest Privilige


15.  Now, go to the “Triggers” tab.

16. Click on “New…“.


Triggers New


17. In the New Trigger window, under ‘Advanced settings‘ set the ‘Repeat task every:’ to “5 minutes“.

18. And set ‘for a duration of:‘ to “Indefinitely“.


Repeat Every New Task Indefenitly


19. In the same window, check the option “Enabled“.

20. Click on “OK” to save the trigger settings.


Eanbled Ok


21. Now, go to the “Actions” tab.

22. Then, click on “New…“.


Actions Newq


23. In the New Action window, click on “Browse“.




24. Now, navigate to the location where you have downloaded the ‘EmptyStandbyList‘ application.

25. Select the application and then click on “Open“.


Empty Standby Open


26. Now, click on “OK” to save the action.


Ok To Save


27. Coming back to the “Create Task” window, click on “OK” to save the task.


Final Ok


28. In the Task Scheduler window, click on “Refresh” to refresh the tasks list.


Refresh ]


That’s it! From now on at a regular interval of  5 minutes, this ‘Cache Cleaner‘ task will automatically run on your computer to clean cache memory.



In case if you want to delete this task, follow these simple steps to do so-

1. In the Task Scheduler window, on the left hand, select “Task Scheduler Library“.

2. On the right-hand side of the same window, scroll down to see the task “Cache Cleaner“.


Cache Cleaner See


3. Now,  right-click on “Cache Cleaner“.

4. Then, click on “Delete” to delete the task from your computer.


Cache Cleaner Delete


5. Click on “Yes” when you will be asked for confirmation.


Yes Delete


The ‘Cache Cleaner‘ task will be deleted from your computer.

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  1. I’m back. After trying to create the task, it said that another task like that already existed, but I couldn’t see where it was on the task manager.

  2. I did all that, couldn’t find the refresh button in that area so I used the one in the table on the right instead. Then I closed the Task Scheduler.

    When I checked back, it didn’t show that the task I made was running. Bad, right?

    Just wanted to make sure.

  3. When I scanned EmptyStandbyList.exe file in virustotal, It is showing as file is malicious!
    How can I trust that file is not harmful?

  4. The cache does not contain all the ram, your fix is not cleaning anything. A virus can remain in the memory and move anywhere on the chip! I know this because I have one on my computer. You are only freeing up unused memory!

  5. Hello,

    I would like to know what does exactly contain this app which we are using to clear cash aitomatically?
    Which is the difference between using batch file in task scheduler, and using an app like you have created?

    Looking forward to have answers.



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