How to Change the Display Language in Google Chrome on Windows PC

Have you ever noticed that while browsing the internet, some of the web pages are in various languages that the user cannot understand due to unfamiliarity? At this point, the Google Chrome browser must ask if the user wants the webpage to be translated into English or another language that the user understands.

However, several users have complained that the Google Chrome browser does not translate any pages. As a result, we devised a method for adding a display language and allowing Chrome to translate most web pages into the user’s preferred language.

If you’re seeking a means to change your display language while simultaneously allowing Chrome to translate your web pages, this post will show you how.

Change Chrome Language Min

How to Change the Display Language in Google Chrome

Let us see how we can change the display language in the Chrome browser on your Windows 11 system with some simple steps given below.

Step 1: Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type google chrome.

Step 2: Select the Google Chrome app from the search results as shown below.


Open Google Chrome Win11


Step 3: Once Chrome opens up, click three vertical dots (Show more options) present at the top right of the window as shown.

Step 4: Then, Select Settings from the list.


Settings Google Chrome 11zon


Step 5: On the Settings page, go to the Advanced option on the left side menu to expand it.

Step 6: Then select Languages from the advanced options as shown below.


Advanced Languages 11zon


Step 7: Under Languages, select Language from the list to expand it as shown.


Languages 11zon


Step 8: Click Add languages to open the add languages window as shown below.


Add Languages 11zon


Step 9: In the Add languages pop up window, type language name (Eg. English) in the search bar to search for the languages as shown below.

Step 10: Then, click on the checkboxes of all the languages that you want to add.

Step 11: Finally, click Add button as shown below.


Add English Languages 11zon


Step 12: After adding all the languages that you want, click three vertical dots of the language to want as display language in chrome.


English Show More Options 11zon


Step 13: From the small window, click on the Display Google Chrome in this language checkbox.


Display Chrome In This Language 11zon


Step 14: Click on the toggle button that says “Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language you read” to turn it on as shown below.

Step 15: At last to make changes and reflect on chrome, click the Relaunch button in front of the language you set.


Relaunch And Allow Translate 11zon


Step 16: As soon as you click the Relaunch button, the chrome restarts and henceforth it will offer to translate pages in a language you changed.

That’s all, guys.

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