Can’t login to Windows 10 PC – The password is incorrect , with correct password

Many users are reporting a weird problem with windows 10 PC, which is being described as, getting password incorrect message, even when correct password is entered. If this is also the case with you and you also seem pretty sure that your entered password is 100% correct and even then the windows 10 OS is saying you to provide correct password again, here are suggestions to fix this problem.

Fix 1 – Reveal password to check

1. Click on the reveal icon to view the entered password and make sure it is correct.

Password Min

Fix 2 – Check your keyboard layout

sometimes your keyboard layout gets changed to a different one and while you think that you are entering the correct password , it gets typed incorrectly as the keyboard layout is different. For example , in UK keyboard layout, if you press shift key + 2 , you will not get @ , the result will be. Pressing shift + “ will fetch you @ . To change the layout , just do this:-

1 . Press ENG written at bottom right of your login screen.


Keyboard Layout Min


2. Now, change the keyboard layout to your original keyboard layout (Which you earlier used)

3. Now, enter the password again.

Also, try to get rid of the keyboard layout, which you do not use , so that this problem do not happen again.

Go to Settings > Time & Language and click on your language to expand it. Click on options and remove the unwanted keyboard layout from the next page.

Fix 3 – Try using On screen Keyboard

1. Click on Ease of access  situated at bottom left screen

2. Now, click on On Screen Keyboard to Open On screen keyboard.


On Screen Keyboard Lock Screen Min


3. Now, type your password again using this On screen keyboard.


Fix 4 – Reset your Microsoft Live account password from a different PC

1. Go to this link:

2. Reset your password.

3. Try logging again to your PC.