How to Allow Users Schedule Webinars In Microsoft Teams

In Microsoft Teams, Webinars are meetings that help communicate and it supports up to 1000 attendees approximately. Webinars are designed where only the host and designated panelists can share the screen and other attendees have the option to raise questions but do not have the ability to screen share. If you are not able to use webinars in Microsoft Teams, you need to be assigned some policy settings which can be done using PowerShell, and also few functionalities to set policies are available in the Team admin center as well. This article is most useful for administrators and IT experts. So let us start!

Set Policies To Allow Users Schedule Webinars Using The Teams Admin Center


For managing Teams, you need to have policies assigned. An admin can use policies to control the Teams features that are assigned and available for each user in the company. There are different policies that are managed by Teams like meeting policies, message policies, voice and calling policies, etc. Here let us see the steps to set the meeting policy.

Step 1: To set the global (Org-wide default) policies, open the Microsoft Teams admin center (admins will have this option), on the left, click on Teams policies

Step 2: Click on Meetings

Step 3: Go to the Meetings policies then select manage policies

Step 4: Select Global (Org-wide default) policy and view the current settings

Step 5: Check the policy and if you want to update it, then configure the policies as per your requirement then click on save.


Allow Users To Schedule Webinars Using PowerShell


Before executing the commands below, you must be connected to Microsoft Teams PowerShell.

You can use the below attributes to schedule new webinars

  1. AllowMeetingRegistration – This is used to turn on the meeting registration
  2. AllowPrivateMeetingScheduling – This means a user can schedule private meetings in Teams
  3. AllowWebinars – This parameter tells if a user can create webinars. It will be set to enabled by default
  4. EventAccessType – This parameter tells who can register for webinars and meetings


Step 1: Turn on the meeting registration. This is done so that the one can schedule the webinars and meetings requiring registration. Copy the below command and paste it in the Teams PowerShell then hit enter to execute it

Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy AllowMeetingRegistration $True

Step 2: In order to make the registration work, turn on the private meeting schedule. To do that, copy the below command and paste it in the Teams PowerShell then hit enter to execute it

Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -AllowPrivateMeetingScheduling $True

Step 3: If a user needs to create webinars then execute the below command

Set-CsTeamsEventsPolicy -AllowWebinars Enabled

Step 4: To configure who can register for webinars and meetings you can execute the following commands.

Use the below command to allow only people in the particular organization to register for webinars

Set-CsTeamsEventsPolicy -EventAccessType EveryoneInCompanyExcludingGuests

Use the below command to allow all users including anonymous users can register for webinars and meetings

Set-CsTeamsEventsPolicy -EventAccessType Everyone

Note: If you wish not to allow the anonymous users to join the webinars then turn off Anonymous users can join a meeting option in Meeting settings


That’s it! I hope the above information is useful. Thank you!