How to View and Remove App Store Purchase History on iPhone

AppStore is a marketplace for iOS-related apps. Here you can find free apps and paid apps also. Apps can be of varieties like gaming apps, productivity-boosting apps, utility apps,  social media apps, and many more category apps. You might have downloaded or purchased a lot of apps for your iPhone from AppStore. Now you might be wondering how to see the purchase history of apps purchased in the App Store. Sometimes you might need to hide some purchases from purchase history for privacy reasons. In this article, we will guide you to find the purchase history and how to remove/hide purchases from the purchase history if you wish to.

Part 1: View App store purchase history

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2: Select your Profile Name under Settings.


Settings Profile min 1


Step 3: On the next page select Media & Purchases.


Media Purchases min 1


Step 4: Tap on View Account from the options.


View Account min 1


Note: Sometimes you might be asked to enter your credentials for iPhone to verify.

Step 5: Next you can scroll down to open Purchase History.


Purchase History min 1


Step 6: Tap on the top banner for the Last 90 days.


Last 90 days histrory min


Note: In this section, you will see all your app purchases. You can select the date range of the App purchase.

Step 7:  Select a date range as per your requirement. Also, select the month to specify or All. For this example, we will select All under 2022.


Select All min


Note: You cant erase any apps or delete history from this section.

Part 2: Hiding Apps from the Purchase History

Step 1: Open the App Store on your iPhone.


App Store min 1


Step 2: Select your Profile icon present at the top right corner of the screen.


App Store Profile min 3



Step 3: Select Purchased.


Purchases min


Step 4: Select the App that you want to hide from the Purchases section. To select the App you need to tap and hold it for a few seconds.


Select App min


Note: You can choose from the Apps present on your iPhone or Apps not present on your iPhone.

Step 5: From the options select Hide.


Hide App min


Note: This will hide the app from the Purchases section.

Part 3: Unhide the Apps hidden from the Purchase history

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Select your Profile name under Settings.


Settings Profile min 1


Step 3: Select View Account.


View Account min 1


Step 4: Tap on Hidden Purchases.


Hidden Purchases min


Step 5: Select the App that you want to unhide from the Purchase history.


Unhide App min


That’s all folks!! Now you know how to see purchase history in the app store, and how to hide/unhide any purchase from purchase history.  Hope the article was useful and informative. Comment and let us know if you are facing any issues with the same. We would be glad to help you. Thank you for reading!!