How To Add Page Numbers In Roman, Arabic & English In Same Word Doc

Whether you are working on a thesis or a dissertation, you may need to add Roman, Arabic and English Page numbers in the same word document. For instance, if it’s a 5 page Word document, you may want to add page Arabic page numbers in the 1st two pages, and Roman page numbers in the next five.

However, this process may be new to many and hence, we will show you how to easily insert the page numbers in Roman, Arabic, and English in the same Word document.


Solved: Insert Roman, Arabic & English Page Numbers In the Same Word File


Step 1: Open the Word Doc you want to edit. We have opened a Word doc with 7 pages. We want to insert page numbers in Roman in the first three pages, and in Arabic in the next four.

Click on the Insert tab in the Word toolbar on the top left. Click on Page Number. 


Word Doc Insert Tab Page Number




Step 2: Now select Bottom of Page from the menu and select Plain Number 3.


Bottom Of Page Plain Number 3


Step 3: Page number is automatically inserted in Arabic format, but, since, we want it in Roman,  we will again navigate to Page Number and click on Format Page Numbers.


Page Number Format Page Numbers


Step 4: In the Page Number format dialog box, select the Roman number format (I, II, III, …) from the drop-down and press OK.


Page Number Foramt Dialog Select Roman Ok


Step 5: The page numbers in page one, two, and three will now show in Roman. Click on the Close Header an Footer.


Roman Page Number Close Header And Footer


Step 6: Next, we want page numbers in Arabic format from the 4th page. So, we will go to the bottom of the 3rd page and place the cursor at the end of the content.

Now, click on Layout tab on the top of the toolbar and click on Page Setup.


Place The Cursor At The End Page Setup


Step 7: In the Page Setup dialog box, go to Apply to at the bottom, and select This point forward from the drop-down. Hit OK.


Page Setup Margins This Point Forward


*Note – This will create a big blank space in the 4th page. Use the Delete button to adjust the page back to normal.


Step 8: The page number will still be in Roman. Now, go to the bottom of the 4th page. Click on the page number, go to Page Number option in the toolbar on the upper left, and click on Format Page Numbers.


Click On Page Number Toolabr Page Number Format Page Numbers


Step 9: In the Page Number Format dialog box, select the Arabic number format (1, 2, 3, …) from the drop-down, go to Page numbering section, select Start at, and set the number to 1. Press OK.


Page Number Format Dialog Arabic Format Start At 1


That’s it! You are done. You can now see the page numbers in Arabic format from the 4th page onward.

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  1. Thank you very much for explaining Microsoft’s convoluted overly-complicated time-wasting unintuitive utterly idiotic page-numbering procedure. (Commas intentionally omitted.) If Corel hadn’t been so greedy and short-sighted – they stupidly started charging for service packs – WordPerfect would be the predominant word-processing program today, and MS Word would be deservedly obsolete. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with Microsoft and its miserable blue screens of death and its buggy, poorly-written programs.

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