Add Compressed(zipped) Folder option in Send To menu in windows 10

How to Add Compressed(zipped) Folder option in Send To menu in windows 10: РLarge files can be compressed to make it easier to access and transfer . A compressed zipped folder consumes very less disc space and makes the files easy to transfer. So we can compress our files and create compressed zipped folders if we want to make it easily portable. We can easily create a compressed zipped folder by using the windows built in tool. For that we just need to right-click on the file or folder that needs to be compressed and select the Compressed(zipped) Folder option from the Send to menu. Usually  this option is present in every system. But have you ever had the trouble of not finding the Compressed(zipped) Folder option in the Send to menu?


If you have this trouble then we can easily restore this option by doing the following steps. Sometimes you may need to download the Compressed file manually.

  1. Open the Run Command box by pressing Windows+R keys. Then type %systemdrive%\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo in the command box and click OK.


2.Now copy the Compressed(zipped) folder from this folder.



If you cannot find the file in this folder then you may need to manually download the Compressed file.

3.After obtaining the Compressed(zipped)folder , open the Run command box by pressing Windows+R keys and type the shell:sendto command in the command box and click OK.

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4.Paste the previously copied or downloaded Compressed(zipped)folder in this folder.


Now your problem is fixed. You can right click on any file and select the Send to menu and you will find the Compressed(zipped)folder option. Thus you can easily create Compressed (zipped) folders.


Creating compressed zipped folders makes files consumes very less disk space .Thus we can upload the files or send it to other systems with more ease.